I've heard other people following a paleo diet talk a lot about the importance of drinking a lot of water. I've heard of different formulas based on body weight to calculate how much water you should drink per day.

Water Questions...

How important is it to drink plain water?

Is there a certain amount to drink (on a normal...no exercise day)?

Are there certain types or brands of water that are more bulletproof? (e.g. distilled water, filtered water, city water, bottled water brands, well water, mineral water, etc.)

Is there am optimal time of day to drink water?

Should I drink water while I eat? I tend to drink 14 to 20 ounces of water during a normal meal.

I haven't heard a lot of talk about this topic on the podcasts, so I thought Dave or others on the forum might have some opinions on this topic.


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  • What I've heard is that drinking too much water will cause brain swelling and that one should drink only when thirsty and not force it. Also that drinking while eating helps in the digestion.

    Crystal and stainless steel containers are preferred to store water (or anything to be consumed) to reduce BPA exposure.
  • I think our bodies tell us more than we allow ourselves to listen. I know that if you eat the right foods, your body is very good at telling it when to eat. As long as your body is functioning properly, you should drink when you are thirsty. As I understand it, a lot of our hydration comes from the foods we eat. I actually have heard the opposite, that you should drink AFTER a meal, because drinking with the meal affects acidity levels. Like calories, I don't think you should worry about the water unless you are trying to attain some sort of performance goal. For example, I know professional bodybuilders drink a ton of water 1 week prior to the show, and then restrict the water, so that their muscles appear more bulgy.
  • Drinking five gallons of water a day will kill you. Not drinking any fluids will kill you. Moderation.

    I think the whole 'when to drink water' controversy is suspect. Your stomach will adjust its pH as necessary.
  • From what i can tell, how much water you need will vary day to day.

    (Whats the weather like? How active are you throughout the day? What you will be eating? etc...)

    But as a basic guidline, i personally try to have a pint of water...

    After breakfast

    after lunch

    3 o'clock


    and before bed

    Although you could argue that you should just 'drink when your thirsty', i found that i usually only really noticed i was thirsty when i had a headache to deal with... Also alot of people tend to mistake thirst for hunger... Which is never good if your trying to become bulletproof :P

    A good way to see if you need any more water in you system would also be to note the colour of your urine when you go to the toilet. If its really yellow, your passing alot of waste and it would probably help to hydrate. (on the other hand you could just be releasing some excess vitamin C or colourings from orange fruit or veg.)

    If its clear, you probably have enough or even too much water. But if its 'always' clear, it could be a sign that something is wrong and your not removing wastes from your blood.

    But then again, im not a expert :P
  • tchazzardtchazzard The Human Optimization Project
    I drink only spring water collected from one of the many springs located here in Maine. I encourage all to visit http://www.findaspring.com to see if there is a spring near you.
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