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I just trued to cook a lamb chop in a pan with water. I had water about half way up the side of the chop The result was terrible. I was left with a grey chop with some horrible tasting fat. Is it supposed to turn out like this or am i doing something wrong?


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    That sounds about right. Perhaps you'll have better luck with wild-caught salmon. Of course, you'll have to go out and catch it yourself so that you can be truly sure of its origin, and in order to be fully bulletproof, you'll have to grab hold of it with your teeth...


    But seriously mate, just use a little ghee or butter at lowish-medium temperatures. A little coconut oil, maybe. Just keep the temp as low as you can!

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  • I agree. I do cooking with no water. Low to low med temp on stove top  with lip on, Butter and salt. 

  • Same here. I had to get used to lower temps for longer. I use cast iron so I get it up to temp, a little butter,protein in, maybe hit both sides briefly, smack a lid on and turn off the heat or put it on the lowest setting. Times vary from 10mins and up depending on what it is.
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