12 Minute Work Outs?

Working out and being bulletproof is sometimes confusing. For a female who wants to be very toned and lose some weight, not too much, should she just to the 12 minute work out that Dave recommends? I cannot afford a vibration plate, so that's not an option. Dave makes it seem like working out the normal way is a waste, what are your guys or girls ideas on what works best for you?


  • I love to work out, but have decided that I'm too busy for long workouts.  HIIT workouts (high intensity interval training) are a great way to go.  I have a fair number of workout DVDs I can do in the morning before work.  I often will do a 30-40 minute workout, and I try for a couple of weight workouts, a couple of HIIT workouts, and some yoga every week.  I think that's plenty.  Although in the summer, I will try to hike and walk my dog a lot more.


    You can try 12 minute workouts.  A lot of people really seem to like BodyRock and Zuzka Light's workouts.  They are short, sweet, and mostly utilizing body weight/intervals.


  • What workout DVDs do you have and like?

  • What workout DVDs do you have and like?

    I have a couple of Amy Dixon HIIT workout DVDs I really like. I also find myself doing Jackie Warner's weight/circuit training DVDs a lot, because they only require dumbbells but you feel like you really worked out.

    The other one I think is great is Ilaria Montagnari's Powerstrike (the one using dumbbells, not body weight exercises ). And for something different -- Tracey Mallett's Booty Barre workouts are pretty decent. I also have quite a few yoga DVDs as well.


  • I'm guessing you order from Collage Videos ;)? Did you see they are closing ;(.... I tried Amy Dixon's HIIT and I didn't thik it was hard enough but maybe I got the wrong one....I like Cathe and Anni's Fierce Force is GREAT... so hard

  • Hi Meg,

    I actually order from Amazon, mostly.  It's pretty convenient.  I use Amy Dixon's Breathless Body 2 because I was able to take her intervals, which are plyometric exercises, and turn them into a "Peak 8" workout -- Dr. Mercola's suggested method of doing HIIT that supposedly makes your body release more human growth hormone,.  I'll do the warmup, cool down, and one segment of her workout, which is 9 - 30 second intervals, with a heart rate monitor, and I pause the DVD for about a minute between each interval.

    Some other workouts I like:  

    http://www.amazon.com/Tracey-Malletts-Functional-Intensity-Training/dp/B00A1Y290O/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1395322078&sr=8-2&keywords=tracey+mallett+dvd -- This one is over an hour and combines weight/circuit training with tabata intervals.  I often do this one on Saturdays when I have more time.

    http://www.amazon.com/Power-Strike-ATLETICA-by-Powerstrike/dp/B00443V2M4/ref=pd_cp_mov_0 -- this one is surprisingly good.  She uses lots of compound moves with dumbbells and you can always go heavier if you need more.  It's less than an hour, but most of my workouts are in the morning before work and I only have about 35-45 minutes most days.


    http://www.amazon.com/Personal-Training-Jackie-Power-Circuit/dp/B002L6HDAQ/ref=sr_1_1?s=movies-tv&ie=UTF8&qid=1395322529&sr=1-1&keywords=jackie+warner -- I do this one a lot, probably because it's very basic but covers a lot and it's 40 minutes long, which fits my time constraint on most days.


    I don't own any of Cathe Friedrich's DVDs.  I think the Cathe DVDs I looked at were usually a little more expensive than most workout DVDs and one in the $10-$15 range probably "won" over her $25 DVDs when I was making a purchase!  They looked really good, though.  I don't know Anni's Fierce Force, but will have to look at a few the next time I go to make a purchase.


  • Thanks for the FitDeck suggestion. Had never heard of those. Pretty interesting idea.

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    My once-weekly full-body, HIT workout is this: single leg squats to max reps each leg, straight bar bench (or dumbbells or even pushups) to failure and I may even do it to strip sets to really dig deep, overhead pullover (machine optimally, but I tend to combine overhead dumbbell pullover with straight arm lat pull-down (rocks abs and really enhances flexibility) in back-to-back exercises, tricep press, reclined bicep curls.


    No warm-up nor cool down. I'll throw in some royal-dancer to fully stretch out the legs afterwards...single sets of each exercise, slow, controlled movements, max-range of motion and perform til ya can't do another. No rest in between. My heart is at 160-180BPM throughout. 15 mins tops. And about once every couple weeks I work (as in hit/punch) a heavy bag and speed bag to target the rotator cuff group.


    Suggested reading: Arthur Jones & Dr. Darden (HIT). 

  • Would I be able to get similar results with this type of mostly body weight stuff as compared to the big 5 BBS workouts? I have been wanting to start bbs, but can't do the gym thing at the present time.
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    If you do them until failure you should gain. Pushups and squats are good substitutes, doing them very slow is a killer. I haven't found a good sub for the pulldown though. People who say pullups don't require equipment are liars. (For some time I did them on the doorframe of the ladies' room in the office but it was very harsh on my palms. True story.)

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  • That's good to know. I do have a kettle bell too so that should help.
  • I like to follow Cathe and Danita Young. In fact, Danita's booty bands are just perfect for toning the body.

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