Changing Workout Types, Climbing Link

Hello all.


I've been using Jasons block system for a few months now and find that very useful. Much lower body fat but I weight more. (was 175 now 185).


I hit a platue with climbing last year and took a break to build muscle mass. Using the basic ideas here ( I have gained endurance, strength, and now climb regularly at a higher level. Mostly doing bouldering.


My workouts are often short. 2 mile run, or 5X5 followed by 9-15 minute burst workout, hangboard workouts at home, yoga, climbs 1-3 hours. Every so often I shift to higher rep workouts, then back to more weight. Changing things seems to help. 1 hour bike ride to get groceries. Always going as hard as I can. Most weeks I'm doing 7 workouts, sometimes more. Loving life and I have tons of energy.



Passing the info and looking for other people who have experience with changing their types of workouts in cycles.

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