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Ahoy, people in the UK. I stumbled onto this yesterday and I think its worth a look:




"With the right retirement solution you could enjoy more income in retirement."


The TL;DR of it is: You buy an annuity and if you meet their criteria for a lower life expectancy they will give you a higher regular payment. One of their criteria is high cholesterol. I really think this is something that would be hackable to meet that criteria, get the higher payment, yet still live a long time.




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    I'm not providing financial advice in the slightest, but I would seriously recommend that you do a massive amount of research when it comes to investing in annuities.


    They are designed to provide a guaranteed rate of return, but the only way that they can do that is by buying insurance that inherently lowers your return over time. If you don't need the consistent income, you can do far better by buying a diversified basket of the same securities that are backing the annuity. You won't get the guaranteed rate of return, but you will get a higher return over time. If you don't need the money in the next few years, that's a good thing.


    Not to mention the fact that they have huge fees associated with them. Go read up on annuity salespeople, they make BUCKETS of money for this reason, they're a huge moneymaker for banks.


    Trying to game them is like trying to game the casinos by playing the slot machines. Yeah you might have a slightly better chance of making money, but it's the equivalent of getting $0.95 back for every $1.00 you spend rather than $0.90. You're still losing money.

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