Bulletproof Factory Grunt

Hey guys I work a job where I'm doing a lot of lifting and awkward movements. I try my best to lift properly and all that, but my question is about protein.

My normal morning has been a cup of organic fair trade coffee with coconut oil (and recently some mostly gass fed butter) and throughout the day I'll have some fruit and a salad with peppers an onions and nuts occasionally.

I've been wondering since my job is so physical wether it would be better for me to make a protein shake and break my ketosis in the morning. I usually only fast from 6 am to 9 am anyways so does it really matter? Would more protein in the morning (along with some fat) help kickstart my engine for the day?


  • the whey protein i buy has 3g of carbs.. is this enough to break ketosis? will the eggs help counteract that maybe?

  • HazakinsHazakins Graveyard shift putting me in the Grave!
    Protein, carbs, and eggs (fat/protein) have the ability to take you out of ketosis. 3g is very small and should not kick you out.

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