Okay To Mix Bp Whey And Bp Collagen In Blender?

Okay, this seems like a weird question ...


I just read in the blog for One World Whey: "With whatever liquid you mix the Whey with it is recommended to first blend up all your ingredients in a blender first. Then pour into your glass, Mason Jar or Shaker Cup and add One World Whey Protein mix with a spoon, hand held blender, or by shaking in your closed jar or cup. This is a protection to insure the blender blades do not damage any of the proteins or amino acids in the Whey." [All bad punctuation is theirs. LOL]


So, wouldn't this same "damage" result from putting Dave's whey and collagen products into a blender? Do you recommend I instead shake or stir? (I don't see anything on the package.) I want to be sure and get the full potential from the products.


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