I.f. And Hunger - One Meal A Day Some Days

I've been intermittent fasting for a few weeks now and have had days where if I eat a huge lunch I am not hungry the rest of the night (except for maybe some bourbon) and I'm fine the next morning making my BP coffee or yerba mate.  Anyone else have problems making yourself eat at night?


  • HazakinsHazakins Graveyard shift putting me in the Grave!
    Why force yourself to eat? I don't get it?

    Trying to get a grasp on Ketosis? Watch this!

  • I have noticed this too.  After drinking my BP coffee in the morning I'm not hungry sometimes for the entire day.  I have been eating to maintain a minimum calorie intake because I'm afraid of losing muscle mass but I'm not sure if that's necessary.  Anyone else have any experience with this? Is it better to just listen to your body or is not feeling hungry for that long a sign of a problem?

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