Help! Lower Back Pain

Hey all,


Been having lower back pain lately cant seem to shake!


It's wierd because the doctor said its nothing series and to just rest it.


But ive had it for like two weeks now and it just keeps nagging!


Cold showers have seemed to help.


Any other advice? 



  • Danno RedDanno Red Practical Man
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    OK, edit time, because I can get more in one post than just one answer so:


    Do you sit a lot?

    Do you have radiating pain down either leg/butt cheek?

    Do you bend/twist as a part of your daily routine?

    How high up/down? Is it up between the iliac crests or further down by the sacrum? 

    How does it respond to ice? Heat?

    Have you tried laying prone propped up on your elbows?

    Does it hurt in the morning when you first wake up?

    Nothing replaces the hands-on evaluation by a PT-based chiropractor for legitimate disc/musculoskeletal issues but having more details can help if you're not down shit creek with a herniated disc already. I'm no doc but I battled backpain for about 3 years before essentially hacking it with the help of a physical therapist. MRI showed a whopper of a bulged disc impinging on a nerve at L5-S1 but it did NOT present with any radiating leg pain so surgery wasn't a solution. Correcting a slouchy posture at my desk and in my car was the culprit with the final herniation coming shoveling snow for a dog to go pee 6 times in one blizzard. Ended up losing 60 lbs and learning how to optimize my life so I could spend my back strength on a golf course or skiing rather than getting out of bed, sitting, or doing yardwork with crappy form. The disc lost enough contents that the disc space is reduced so I'll never be whole again but my lighter self can still ski 50,000 vertical feet in the Rockies in 8 hours.


    It's best to right the ship before you have a real injury so good for you for approaching this problem ambitiously right away!

  • NickatNickat
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    Have been told that "Cupping", you know applying heated glass jars to the back is excellent.

    Have given a "Pain Gone Pen" a go today (as it happened quite by chance). Was great and a offered a temporary fix within seconds using the acupuncture points and works through clothing. These techniques might or might not float your boat.


    (Suggest you leave the Whole Body Vibration (WBV) Plate alone even though it`s a low-impact machine too).


  • Yoga? Massage? Float Tank?

  • Do you do Bulletproof excersise? No, you dont.


    Do you lift free weights? Yes you do, if I recall correctly.


  • ACH85ACH85 ✭✭

    Do you do Bulletproof excersise? No, you dont.


    Do you lift free weights? Yes you do, if I recall correctly.




    Ha. Me too. I had some lower back pain recently due to free weights quickly followed by bad diet, bad sleep, and skiing moguls for two days (those last 3 things are related, funny enough.) Took a couple extra days off lifting, upped protein and carbs a bit, problem solved.


    Andrew, I'm assuming you've tried taking a time off lifting while feeding yourself properly? My only other thought is that the cold showers helping suggests it's an inflammation thing. Maybe roll around on a lacrosse ball? That should push your lymph around reducing inflammation and also get some deep tissue work in. Careful of your spine though, work around it. 

  • Deep tissue trigger point therapy usually helps. 

  • jspadejspade You are what you eat eats!

    Someone told me awhile ago that low back pain can be in part to tight hamstrings. There seems to be a direct corrolation between the two. Having said that you might benefit from some good hammy stretches.

  • Google Dr. Sarno.  He wrote a book called Healing Back Pain.   It's worth looking into. 

  • What exactly did your doctor do to diagnose "its nothing serious"? I consider my doctor to be very good. He made me do about 10 different movements while closely looking and feeling my lower back. My guess is, if your doctor isn't as thorough as mine, you should probably consult another one. Sudden appearance of lower back pain is never to be taken lightly. You should try to get physiotherapy.

  • Check out foundation training. The issue is that while some of us strong abs, most of have weak back muscles. Foundation Training using their foundation move called the Founder is excellent to helping people work thorugh back pain and build back strength. This is a very easy exercise that can be done anywhere.

  • Evan BrandEvan Brand Writer and Explorer

    Back pain is not all physical.


    Get your Vitamin D levels checked. A study showed that 83% of people tested out of 300 with chronic low back pain had low Vitamin D levels.

    Evan Brand, NTP, CPT

    Functional Medicine Practitioner and Podcast Host at

    Author of REM Rehab and Stress Solutions

  • Ehhhhh, not sure about that one. Vitamin D is the most deficient nutrient in the world. There is certainly a correlation between people that have back pain and those that don't have enough vitamin D simply because so many are deficient.


    Anyone with experience playing high level sports and contact sports specifically will probably attest to back pain being very much a physical issue. Too many muscle imbalances etc.



    Back pain is not all physical.


    Get your Vitamin D levels checked. A study showed that 83% of people tested out of 300 with chronic low back pain had low Vitamin D levels

  • Maizie88Maizie88
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    Hi everyone. I am new :) Did you guys know that about 90% of back pain is not actually caused by any serious underlying injury or disease? Most of it is simply just natural wear and tear. I guess however that I am among the other 10%. I have pretty bad scoliosis and they think my spine is still actually shifting, and i'm 30! Cold compresses always help, but what has been best for me is a back wrap called BFST. Whenever I am sitting or standing for long periods of time (which makes my back ache), I use this wrap for a couple days and I get such relief. My pain bouts used to last a good couple weeks, but now it is only a few days with this wrap. I guess what it does is emit electro magnetic energy that promotes blood flow to the area. It feels really nice and warm, and it nice knowing that there is actually something more happening. Hope I could help some fellow sufferers out there. Back pain can make me into a different person, I hate it.

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    Kelly Starrett's book & website & videos are worth his weight in gold.

    It doesn't get easier... It's you who gets better.


    Is your social worker in that horse?


    Success has a price, not a secret.

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    and yoga/stretching/mobility drills...

    May you be well, may you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be loved.

    How much to eat:
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