Slimming Down, Low Energy On Bp Diet

At the moment I'm working a physically challenging job - I'm walking around and lifting things about 8 hours daily. Been on BP diet for about three months, maintaining my carb intake to a all time low... but recently have been feeling week and have noticed a diminished body strength and weaker muscles. Get tired often.. So I guess I got too low carb for my lifestyle, and a need to have more "feeding" days. I'll try high-carb meals every second day in the evening (white rice or sweet potatoes + some veggies). Maybe that'll help. And of course have my bulletproof coffee in the morning to have the healthy fat for ketosis and brain power.

Has anyone else had similar experience ?




  • I had a very similar experience. Starting out I was eating a cup or two or three of broccoli/cauliflower and once a week a cup of sweet potatoes or white rice. After about a month of not losing weight. I started tracking my macro nutrient ratio and started dialing it in and have since lost 30lbs.


    To me its clear that you are most likely not eating enough carbs. You should probably be eating some sweet potatoes and rice everyday. And then once a week try to pound as many sweet potatoes and rice as you can.


    According to a diet set at 15% Carbs, 15% Protein. 70% Fat 2000 calorie diet would consist of 75g carbs/protein and 156grams fat. 


    Using I came up with this idea in terms of what to eat carb wise per day.

    1 Cup Baked Sweet Potatoes or White Rice is about 40-45g carbs 

    1/2 Cup Blueberries 11g carbs

    2 Cups Steamed Broccoli 20g

    Total carbs 71-76g


    I would recommend looking into or some other macronutrient log site or using BP forums own Jason Miller's BP Athlete thread.


    The way Dave Asprey seems so nonchalant about people tracking their macronutrients, and that its not specifically mentioned in the infographic really bothers me. BP is all about the philosophy of bio-hacking and quantified self; tracking macronutrients should be a number one priority because it is the foundation of data which can be analyzed. And to end my little rant Dave should include Jason Miller's Block system to the infographic. It would be sick!


    Hope this helps.

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