Epiq Mind's Piracetam Complex Causing Headaches

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I have been using Epiq Mind's Piracetam Complex for about 4 months now. It works great, and I really like the positive effects. However, about 75% of the time I get a headache. This is obviously quite counterproductive. Since, even with the mental boost, the headache neutralizes the positive effects (so like a step forward via the nootropic then a step back via the headache).


I know headaches are common when taking piracetam or similar smart drugs. This is why I thought that this complex was great since it contained choline also. I was under the impression that choline was supposed to be taken with piracetam to avoid negative effects.


Is it possible I need to supplement more choline? Is it possible the choline is in fact causing the headaches? Is there something else I could experiment with supplementing to avoid the headaches?


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    Can you try another brand of piracetam?

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    When taking a racetam, a headache usually points to insufficient choline intake. Conversely, too much choline can cause brain fog. You just need a ratio that works for you, so If you are otherwise happy with EM's Piracetam Complex, supplimenting with extra choline would be the first thing to try. I am high responder to piracetam (and many other things) and this is why I prefer bulk powders- I can use exactly what I need and adjust slightly whenever I feel it is necessary. This made it easy to find what works for me. 


    As for other things to try, have you tried stacking with other racetams? I have tried pretty much every kind available at some point or other and I found a 2:1 ratio of piracetam and oxyracetam (respectively) yielded good results. If I take too much piracetam I get edgy. Oxiracetam, on the other hand, is purpotedly known to inhibit sociability, I feel it softens the edges of piracetam. This is just my preference and since everyone reacts differently to different substances experimentation is key. By the way, that 2:1 ratio is a bit misleading, oxiracetam is much stronger than piracetam.


    Hope this helps!


    - Xi

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    Headaches are usually lack of choline, but some people have reported headaches from too much, like me.


    Try adding more choline to your diet, and if that doesnt change things. If that dosent work you could really go ahead and take piracetam on its own and see where that takes you. Piracetam is inexpensive.

  • Thanks for the responses!


    I tried taking one yesterday without changing anything, and I had no headache (one of those lucky 1 in 4 chances I suppose). Then today I had one with a meal consisting of eggs (so extra choline), and I also did not get one. So, I guess I will have to continue to experiment and track in order to pinpoint what exactly is going on.

  • Well it seems simply adding eggs to my diet did the trick to take care of the nagging headaches that would result from the piracetam complex.


    However, now when I take the piracetam complex (which already had some choline to being with), I get some pretty bad brain fog!! Anyone have any suggestions? I know this must be a ratio issue. But since the piracetam complex I have already has set amounts of choline and piracetam its tough to screw with the ratio.


    Should I:


    1) buy separate piracetam and choline so I can experiment with the ratios individually?




    2) just buy straight pircetam and have a small does along with the piracetam complex and track the results until I find a dose that evens out the effects of the choline that is already in the complex?

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