Add Related Productivity And Procrastination Issues

I have ADD. I take some supps and they seem to help my focus and clarity a bit. I have noticed better memory, clearer thoughts, less morning brain fog etc. but my biggest problem with ADD is not cured


Procrastination and motivation are a serious weakness. I feel like this is a huge issue in my life. I feel like I have all the tools to do great things but unless I have an actual deadline or reason to do something I never follow through with ideas or they will get put off forever. shit just never gets done. its super frustrating and its just a constant uphill battle to get shit done.


I want to know what people can recommend for focus and motivation. Caffeine isnt the answer. It helps but its not good enough. I dont want to be on stuff like adderall or provigil. I just ordered some sulbutiamine, pramiracetam, and aniracetam (piracetam out of stock). I'm going to experiment with each and then see how mixing them works  


Does anyone have any suggestions on anything else to try or what to mix?


Heres what I have been taking for the past year or so for my dome 


Amino Complete 

Krill oil  

N-Acetyl Tyrosine 

Jarrow Formulas, Acetyl L-Carnitine Arginate, + Alpha Lipoic Acid 

GPC Choline 


thanks for any and all feedback 


  • Motivation has always been a mofo for me too.. I feel your pain..


    The more I analyse it the more I realise that I dont do anything because my mind is moving too fast. As soon as I have the idea I may research it and business plan it then a day later, I'm like, thats not me.. So nothing happens, and I always think of what would my day be like if i did that and is there a way back to right now, and if theres not then I dont do it..  Its the same with learning new things, I love learning new things, but then I think will this change who I am and then I may just read it and my brain will reject it.  For me it was being afraid not to be this familiar me, have this familiar experience of the day, although I realised that it was damaging my work life and my dreams....  These days, I make small goals, and I dont project a future but I live in the present (more).. I still get bored a lot, I feel I need constant stimulation and Im forever making excel spreadsheets that will tell me if I do this Ill have this much freedom then blah blah... Also if I dont like what Im doing I tend to reject it, but, I have also found this is a skill, you seem to have a finite amount of motivation, it comes in bursts... nootropics have helped me, modafinil helped, but just gave me more mental energy, bpc helped a lot, it made me much more focused on single tasks, i didnt lose track of what i am doing at all...


    I should be working right now, but im on this helping you, my boss is actually talking to me right now!! whoops! 


    Anyway.. I work at a desk and find I work a lot better while listening to stuff like, or sometimes I like to listen to some ASMR stuff while working it gets my brain into an alpha state.. I would make a list of what you want to do in life.. maybe you dont know exactly, then finding out what you wanna do should be on that list.. 


    Last year I made a llifetable for myself where I timetabled my day, I woulbd timetable reading at night and learning guitar for 30 mins a day, this helped a hell of a lot and it got my brain primed for focus, your brain like mine was just lazy, it needs to want to do it, so you kinda need to go through some pain, and push hard through it to strenghten it.. read lots or listen to audiobooks, i love them! 


    Good luck! 

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  • Welcome to the BP Forum, fred f!  I encourage you to check out the Bulletproof Executive website.  There are several great recent podcasts that might provide some helpful ideas for you, particularly #99 and #104.  




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    CILTEP has helped my ADD and motivation, very much so actually.   Too bad it's too expensive for me to afford on a continuous basis.


    Stay away from amphetamines like they are the plague, because they are the plague.  I had ended up becoming hooked on them a while back because I was using them to self medicate not as prescribed.  Now I do not take them.  


    Anyway, Sulbutamine might be useful but remember it takes weeks for it to really kick into gear.  Take about 200mg a day in the morning for a couple weeks and see how you feel.  


    Caffeine is very helpful for me if I dose ~30mg every hour.  Maybe a regimen like that will help you: milligram scales ($20) and bulk caffeine are cheap anyway.


    Adrifinil has been a lifesaver for me, although it only helps my add if I do not take it everyday.  Effects last throughout the entire day and it truly feels like I'm not on anything, unlike with amphetamines. 


    Pramiracetam helps me focus, but did not help my ADD.  It would just make me hyperfocus more than usual lol.  Good for djing, not good for everyday life. Aniracetam I'm on the fence about, yet piracetam definitely helps me direct my focus.


    But, the biggest thing that has helped me with my ADD, and morning fatigue as you mentioned, is bulletproof coffee. Damn stuff is magic, it literally works better than amphetamine (30mg xr) for focus... and I don't even use that much! Only 1.5 Tablespoons of beans.  


    -Have you tried BP coffee Fred? I know you mentioned caffeine

    -What is your caffeine regimen?

    -Are you getting quality sleep?/Are your adrenals in order?

    -Do you have any other issues like depression or anxiety? Are you truly diagnosed ADD? Many other disorders can mimic ADD symptoms. 


    Feel free to pm me if you don't want to post here, I'd be glad to help.  I have a lot of experience with ADD.  Take care

  • yeah i got a family history of ADD


    its one of those situations where i gotta make lists or absolutely nothing gets done. even with lists i find the shit still doesnt get done. i was the guy in school that didnt have dividers in his binder, a mountain of paper in his locker, and never did any homework. none. i got by with crappy grades and minimal effort. i only did the minimum. after graduating highschool ended up upgrading and going to business school and becoming successful. i got by on strong analytic, verbal communication, and social skills. i now am transitioning to working for myself. i have time and money but i need to get my ass in gear. i feel like once i get the ball rolling everything will start to come together but im finding it impossible to get the ball rolling in a bunch of aspects of my life. this has obviously been a life long issue


    my place is a mess but i have a ton of free time. i'm behind a couple years on my taxes and i have pushed even preparing them for an account off for the past 20 consecutive weeks. my productivity is just ridiculously low and its a constant battle. yet i exercise daily and eat right with relative ease. when people describe the urge to clean etc after taking meds/sups, thats what i want/need. i need something to get me off my ass because i actually want to get off my ass and do something


    Ive done bulletproof coffee for just over a year except without bulltetproof beans. i've been back on green tea for the past month (just toying with my diet) i'll probably mix some bulletproof coffee in when my noots arrive


    any suggestions of how i should approach the noots i have cominng along with my current stack? should i start with the sulbutiamine and add the others in or the other way around etc?


    thanks again for the feedback guys


    i dont think most people realize what a bitch ADD can be. its really hard to explain to people who dont have it

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    Fred, I would respectfully recommend (CBT) therapy to you.  (Therapeutic) psycho-actives should be a catalyst for you to be able to function; they should not force you to function.  If they do, you are taking too much and are going to go down a dark, dark road that you never even knew existed.  Trust me on this one, I know from experience.


    Btw, your not drinking BP coffe ;).  Your missing arguably one of the most important ingredients.  Try some BP coffee made the right way, it will help you so much more unless your highly insensitive to mycotoxins and pesticides.  Also, I noticed a drastic difference when I made my BP coffee with a french press. I forget the exact chemical in coffee that gets filtered through paper (cafestrol if I remember off the top of my head) but it really was a deal breaker in terms of cognitive performance for me.


    You say you have a lot of free time, what do you do with that time instead of cleaning your place or whatever else needs to be done?


    Finally: I would experiment with the noots one by one.  You want to know what is effecting you and how.  I would try as you said the sulbutiamine first, as that has the most potential to help you: it up-regulates dopamine receptors in your PFC I'm pretty sure.  Oh yea, remember to give the sulbutamine a couple of weeks to work.  Don't give up on it too soon.  And don't be too reliant on the chemicals, you need some honest genuine effort from yourself to get better.

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