Vitamin C Messes Up Workouts

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Does anybody have a response to this? This means you basically shouldn't take vitamin C on days you workout, because the instant antioxidant neutralizes the free radicals, which are actually probably a good thing in relation to post-workout stress. Could somebody come up with an application so that we can get the antioxidant benefits of vitamin C supplementation without sacrificing on the muscle repair/growth?




  • Actually from my experience, Vit C keeps pain and exhaustion away. I have taken it both before and after work and exercise.

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    Hi, thanks for your reply! But this study claims that the participants had less results. Perhaps there is some credence to the saying "no pain no gain." Know what I mean? So the free radicals that would be causing you soreness/pain after a workout are necessary to not be neutralized. I think there's something to this, because since I've started avoiding vitamin C around my workouts, I've noticed a difference in the amount of definition progression I've experienced in a short time.

  • I beleive from what I understand and what Dave has said many times that high doses of vitamin C should be avoided after you work out. 

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    Thanks very much, Zenfood, for the link to the thread. It seems to cover all of my concerns, but I'm having trouble putting it all together.


    From what you said, it sounds like it's okay to take your anti-inflammatories all the way up to 30 min before a workout.


    Then, do like say a collagen/whey/MCT/butter (my shake of choice minus the chocolate) shake after workout,


    then eat a big protein dinner with maybe a little carbs in there for a refeed.


    Then have protein meal at like 2-3 pm after intermittent fasting the next day. Would a BP intermittent fast be appropriate (butter shake with tea in the morning?)


    Also, I always take fish oil almost every night. I guess as long as it's 5 hours after a workout, it shouldn't interfere with my mTOR, right?

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    No problems.

    Don't take MCT/Coconut oil before/after a workout or before bed. It affects human growth hormone.

    MCT's might block growth hormone 45-90 minutes after ingestion.

    Take all your antioxidants/MCT as soon as you wake up that morning. 

    As for your post-workout shake the whole point is to "boost" your insulin, so 35g of dextrose would be perfect for that with your whey... and no, you don't want any fat or butter in your post-workout shake, because you want your aminos fast in your bloodstream. Fats+protein = slow digestion

    I think you are safe to take antioxidants again after 5 hours post-workout, yes.

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    Cool. So I have been "stacking" workouts. I have been doing like 2 or 3 days in a row of heavy lifting, and I have been loving it. I mix things up a bit on what muscle groups I use or how I hit them just to avoid overuse injuries, but I find that my recovery is amazing and usually don't even feel sore the next day as long as I get 9-10 hours of sleep every night. Being pain-free is saying a lot, considering I couldn't even walk uphill without being fatigued and having leg pain before.


    I also sometimes do sprints barefoot on grass (as many as I can---sadly only 2 or 3 30 sec. sprints in a day), sometimes on days I workout, and sometimes on "rest days" from heavy lifting. Yoga also happens on rest days, too, once or twice a week. Not sure if you would tweak either of these habits.


    So, the point is, I realize that working out this much does not fit in with Body By Science and Dave's theories at all, but I am having trouble caring after getting better results and tone from doing this amount of working out. I want to really gain strength, definition, and bulk. My body fat percentage is 6% (sorry to brag), but that happened just from diet even before I started working out. I was on an ultra-detox low-carb diet for a couple of months, and then I mixed some things up for awhile after that. The whole process was about a year in which I lost 50 pounds and recovered from some serious toxicity from bad diet/mold poisoning in my house.


    In any case, I want to be super ripped, because I think it equates with overcoming digestive issues and not having fatigue and weird symptoms. Thanks for your help.


    Oh, the main question was, do you think working out this much is okay?

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    I do not recommend heavy lifting any day in a row. At least one rest day with extreme macro cycling (high protein and fat on rest days & high protein and carb on training days), because you will kill yourself from within if you don't take these breaks. You might look better from the outside, but your endocrine system will crash (you will notice thyroid problems, adrenal fatigue, lower libido, difficulties waking up, etc.) because you are raping your mitochondria. I would only recommend over training if you are interested in the use of steroids (this will f¤%& up your endocrine system as well, it will just be postponed to the future).

    Don't do stupid s#"% and use pre-workout supplements as Jack3d, etc. you will tax your adrenal glands. 


    This is me:

    I know that you might find it hard to believe, but I have not trained my abs at all. They get trained passively when deadlifting/squatting/chin-uping and pull-uping with weights/overhead pressing.

    I might implement hanging leg&knee raises in the future if I find the motivation and time.

    I work out 2-3 times a week (60 minutes each). Basically only heavy compound exercises and some assistance exercises.

    I don't recommend any form of cardio, because it is just too taxing for the body. Fasted walking is better. 

    Cardio might be OK if you are doing short sprint/interval training.

    Yoga is awesome and should and could be practiced daily.

    I never get sore from my exercises, ever. Even when I deadlift until failure (2.5x body weight) without any belts or straps.

    It's the 10g of BCAA's (my pre-workout drink) that does the trick.

    Always take your post-workout shake 30-45 minutes after exercise. This will raise MPS even further (=gains). It should contain 25g of whey and 35g of dextrose or a banana if you can't get your hands on any of dextrose. 


    Read this in order to get a better understanding: and read his books. 

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