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Well been a while since I posted as I have been quietly tracking myself and trying to bulletproof myself though trial and error. For the most part its is going well and I have marked improvement all around with one major exception . . . . SLEEP


So I have always had trouble with insomnia and falling asleep and have always struggled in the mornings with feeling extremely tired, to help identify the real reasons I was using the sleep cycle app and now my preferred weapon off choice the fitbit flex as this can track me and not produce the false readings of my wife's movements.


While not 100% accurate its a least a guide and has show that I really don't sleep, every night is restless as an example last night I went to bed at 11pm until 6.30am in that time I can see that I spent the whole time restless with only 1hr 8mins of deep sleep.


Now while we need both types of sleep it seems I rarely get a deep sleep state and when I do its very broken. Below is a list of a few days of tracking at what my fitbit (and confirmed by sleep cycle) is showing me, I go to bed at 11pm but takes me along time to fall asleep; 


24th - (12.19am - 8.24am) @ 236mins restless (18x), 3h 47mins deep sleep

23rd - (12:12am - 6.33am) @ 194mins restless (16x), 2h 55mins deep sleep

22nd - (12.02am - 6.30am) @ 159mins restless (10x), 3h 6mins deep sleep

21st - (1.35am - 9.25am) @ 187mins restless (11x), 2h 30mins deep sleep

20th - (11.50pm - 9.24am) @ 315mins restless (20x), 2mins awake (1x) , 3h 57mins deep sleep

19th - (12.41pm - 6.30am) @ 211mins restless (12x), 1h 39mins deep sleep

18th - (12.30am - 9.54am) @ 210mins restless (18x), 2h 15mins deep sleep


I can go on but I remain the same on all nights, with a long time to fall asleep, and very interrupted sleep so even the deep sleep is not in solid blocks. My wife's tracking shows she sleeps for long solid periods and has around 7hours of deeper sleep per night.


I have a temper mattress and pillow to improve my sleep, have tried taken variable doses of melatonin both short and long release, I try to reduce computer work late at night and use flux. Have tried the techniques and ideas in the blog articles here and nothing is helping, what am I missing?


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  • None of those times are near 11pm really! Maybe you're missing the natural sleep window given by your melatonin cycle and getting a second wind that makes it difficult to get to sleep? I would try getting up really early one morning, say 5-530, getting some early sun or bright light and then bed around 10-1030 and see if that changes anything. Stick to one coffee or less per day before lunch only. Try Sleepstream 2 app for binaural beats whilst reading some fiction in half hour before intended sleep time..... Do a mind sweep ( Getting Things Done GTD type) to clear your head....
  • Fast for 3 hours before bed, then eat some fat right before you go to sleep.

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    Try Steve Fowkes sleep cocktail from podcast #95 it's the bomb.  I sleep from 11ish to 6 or 7am consistently without waking up at all.  A lot of small things can really interfere with sleep.  Do you drink any alcohol?  Stop completely if you do.  Don't drink water in the evening but make sure you are well hydrated throughout the day.  There are several really great sleep remedies out there including Bach's sleep remedy.  Magnesium at your last meal of the day is a good idea.  Practice shallow nose breathing only, yawning and sighing interfere with being able to sleep.  Sleep alone if you have to. 

  • It could be hypoglycemia.

    Can you take your blood glucose before bedtime? When you wake up? Too low bg before bedtime will put you in hypoglicemia FAST because the body uses most of it while you sleep.

    Do you take your veggies (cooked low temp in butter)?

    Do you take your carbs (5% daily calorie intake) at night?

    Do you refill once per week?

    Do you train too much?
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    How are your stress levels?


    How many carbs do you eat?


    How much bright light exposure do you get in the morning?


    Have you tried L-Theanine or L-Tryptophan? These are two amino acids that have worked wonders for me. Be cautious with Tryptophan or 5HTP if you are on antidepressants.


    I published an ebook, audiobook and private support group to heal sleep issues last week called REM Rehab which outlines many aspects of health, stress, food consumption and timing, supplement protocols and acupressure and other alternative therapies that have helped me. 

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  • Besides the basics (caffeine, sugar, blue LEDs), resolve your anxiety or develop a practice of slowing down after 6pm: let go of your work for the day and stop clicking on links. What do you think about at night?

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