Collagen And Breakouts

Has anyone had any trouble with skin breakouts after adding collagen powder to your regimen?  I started about 2 weeks ago adding collagen powder to my evening tea and with in about 3 days or so of starting this, I had 3 different pimples randomly about my face pop up.  Two of them are located in places, I don't think I have ever had a zit before.  Additionally, I rarely have pimples.  Now it was very close to my time of the month so I ignored it for the time being and also skipped the collagen till my period was over.  Then in the last 2 night I added it back in and again I had 2 very random new pimples pop up.... has anyone else had this trouble??  I'm not using the bulletproof brand and I am fairly certain by the faint oder of the collagen when I add it to my hot tea that mine is coming from a fish source.  I am wondering if this is related to the source of the collagen, or if others of you have had a similar reaction adding in collagen in the beginning even regardless of the original source of the collagen?


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    Welcome to the Bulletproof Forum, Gina!  If you don't get a response to your question and don't find any helpful information while searching the forum, let the moderators know and we'll see if there are any resources to where we can point you.


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