Barefoot Shoes And/or Inserts?

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I've heard folks like Katy Bowman on enough shows to be aware of heels of any sort—including short men's heels i.e. less than an inch like the kind you'd find on boots or even sneakers–being detrimental for leg muscle development and posture. 


Does anyone on here use inserts or have any success with a particular brand or make of barefoot shoe? I use barefoot/minimal shoes with essentially no heel made by merrell when i train but otherwise have inserts made by Superfeet that do seem to help me retain an arch and prevent my ankles from collapsing inwards, etc. 


I've done a good bit of adjustment to my walking/gait in the past couple of years, keeping my feet forward, basing my posture off of some of Kelly Starrett's advice out of supple leopard, etc. but feel like before I order another pair of these inserts maybe someone here will have some advice or an idea for something new to try?


I live in the midwest and therefore based on weather conditions it isn't feasible for me to wear minimal shoes anywhere close to year-round. I saw a post that chris kresser put up a while back regarding 'minimalist shoes that don't scream "i'm a minimalist shoe"' that featured dress shoes with no heel that were essentially barefoot but wicked expensive. like hundreds of dollars.






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