How Long Do You Drink Your Bp Coffee In The Morning? 8Am Until ?



  • 26 oz is ~3 cups.

    750ml is the same as a 26oz (two six) bottle of booze. That much I know. :)

    Canada is a weird place where we use metric and imperial for different things. We changed over to metric officially but the US keeps dragging us back to imperial with their influence.

    CCs sound like something syringe related though.

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    You can consider getting this type of hot water pot, it boils the water and keep the temperature nice and hot all day. NO need to reboil the water when you want hot water! Only need to boil it once when you refill the pot.

    I filled up 5L water, reboiled this morning, it has been more than 14 hours and the temperature reading is 189F. I make coffee straight from the pot ,it's been saving me a lot of time. It's very convenient, you can make tea/soup, lightly cooked vegetable instantly. It is a good investment, they last forever and once you have it you can't live without! I live in Seattle, every Asian supermarket carry it. 

    Sometimes it takes me as long as five minutes to finish the cup. :cool:


    So, usually I'm drinking my BPC from roughly 6:45 - 6:50, and I'm done. :P  Then I wash everything from making the BPC and head on to work.


    Overall the morning ritual is a rather lengthy process of like ten minutes total, to boil, press, blend, and consume and I'm thinking I can shorten it some by cold-brewing the coffee and taking out the boiling and pressing parts in the process. Might be able to get 'er done in under three minutes. :grin:

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