Resistant Starches Creating Butyrate In The Gut

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So perhaps we may want to look into taking raw potato starch to feed the right kind of gut bacteria? Maybe just on a carb refeed day? 


"Since the resident gut flora produce the butyrate, and everyone has different levels of the different flora, the degree of butyrate production varies according to the individual, but resistant starch consistently results in lots of butyrate across nearly every subject who consumes it."


There are a number of other benefits to Resistant Starches mentioned in Mark's article:

"Improves the integrity and function of the gut. Resistant starch basically increases colonic hypertrophy, making it more robust and improving its functionality. It also inhibits endotoxin from getting into circulation and reduces leaky gut, which could have positive ramifications on allergies and autoimmune conditions."

"Reduces fasting blood sugar. This is one of the most commonly mentioned benefits of RS, and the research seems to back it up."

Which may actually make it good for Ketosis.



  • Dave has address this as a side note in a few podcasts...he tried potato starch and got hives...then plantain flour...ending in awful gas. For him, its a definite no...but that doesn't mean you will not have success not to mention, you probably don't have quite as sensitive of a system as he appears to have. 


    I think one podcast was the mark sisson one..

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    Thanks for the link. I used to live in Calgary 3 years ago before moving to Toronto.


    I'm definitely not as sensitive as Dave, I mainly picked up the diet for the health benefits, mind enhancement, and to shed a few pounds. I don't have any allergies or have any reactions to most foods. I used to have bad acid reflux, but this diet pretty much fixed that for me. (unless I eat something grain based again, then it comes back for 2-3 days)

    I might try out some potato starch with probiotics and report back.

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    just make sure you don't heat the starch. make it into raw chocolate nut bars or something...much easier to take in. Calgary is awesome...usually...except now with the comeback of freakin' winter in the form of a snowstorm!

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  • For info resistant starch is the same thing as fiber. Definition of fiber is "non digestsble carbohydrates".

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  • CycloneCyclone rich in satisfats
    Yes would be the same as soluble fiber
  • CycloneCyclone rich in satisfats
    I would only be taking teaspoon amounts of the potato starch, id just take it straight and chase it with water.
  • Yea, this is something that I'm going to try for sure. Just as a note from my experience with trying to make resistant starch from cooled white rice and sweet potato, I am pretty sure there is still a decent amount of absorbable carbs in the cooled down version of these, just judgjing how I felt, but could be wrong, no test strips or anything.

    Just saying that I don't think eating a bunch of cold sweet potato with every meal will allow u to stay in ketosis. Any one else have a comment on that?
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    "Just as a note from my experience with trying to make resistant starch from cooled white rice and sweet potato, I am pretty sure there is still a decent amount of absorbable carbs in the cooled down version of these... "



    yes you are absolutely correct nagual11,

    in fact RS still only makes up a small proportion of the 'carbs' even when potatoes (all types) are cooled & i would expect rice to be a similar story.


    Have a look at Table 2 in pdf linked below, for more info on 'total starch and resistant starch in cooked food products',

    Sources and intake of resistant starch in the Chinese diet (pdf)

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  • Andy BoskampAndy Boskamp Andy Boskamp

    I've been using 4Tbs of potato starch everyday for a little over 2 months. Recently, I upped the dosage to 8Tbs (split between morning and evening) with good results. Steady energy throughout the day and a hightened sense of wakefullness.


    * I think endogenous production of short-chained fatty acids by our gut bacteria may be even better than eating tons of butter. I know my hunger has significantly decreased, with no energy drop whatsoever.

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  • Resistant Starch definitely gave me hives, but after doing it for a while I've noticed I'm never getting cold.
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    I've been reading up on gut bacteria and I came across this. To sum it up, gut bacteria produces far more butyrate than any foods you can eat, and most exogenous butyrate (IE from butter) will not be absorbed. Bifidobacterium and others appear to be able to create butyrate in the gut from resistant starch and also from acetate.

    This link is quite heavy in scientific lingo, but it is an interesting look into the effects of low carb diets on gut bacteria.


    I've been taking a teaspoon of raw potato starch with a high quality probiotic supplement right after dinner for the last several nights. I've noticed a bit of abdominal "funniness" on days I may have taken too much, but I do feel my body is adapting.


    Also, Mark has posted another blog with a Q&A to follow up last week's blog on this subject.

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