Modafinil From

i have been taking from everyone on here for the last four months-it time i start giving back.


finding a source of modafinil online that i felt comfortable with was slight challenge-many websites that just sell modafinil seem a little sketchy+having heard stories of people been ripped off made me worry-i came upon in india which sells a whole list of prescription meds+have a phone number+provide tracking number(none of this really means crap, but it made me feel better).


march 3-1st order was placed for 30 200mg pills of modafinil $94.99+7-10 day shipping 24.99-


march 16-got my tracking number by email


march 25-first attempt to deliver


impression this shit seems legit-came package in a yellow envelope-with stamp that said health product sample- i am a nurse at a busy emergency department-so i play with meds all day-the packaging of the pills is legit and untampered with.


will take my first modafinil today and avoid coffee+supplement+check in later


thank you all on this website

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