Looking For Opinions On Australis Barramundi Fish Fillets

Been on BP for about 5 weeks.  I am really liking the process and have slowly introduced as many BP foods to my family's  daily diet.  I have a large family so I am always looking for alternaitves for sockeye salmon and grassfed beef.


I ran into the Australis Barramundi frozen fillets at the store.  The 4 oz portion is a good size and makes a light dinner with some veggies.


Australis claims the fish are wild-farmed, as well as feeding them a vegetarian diet which I assume means grains.


Any opinions out there if this is a BP fish option?


Almost all of the decent wild-caught fish available here is in the high mercury category, and is usually not avalable frozen.


If anyone has other fish suggestions please let me know.




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