Help With Speech Fluency And Memory Recall.

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When conversing with people in work and in a social situation I sometimes get that thing where I forget a word or I just cant remember something easy like an actors name.  Its really annoying at times..  Its like I feel the word before Im about to say it, but it just goes woosh, bye..l then I have to hang and think of another word.


When I write I'm a lot more articulate and I get my point across better.. 

I dont always get it.. I get it a lot more when I IF with very low carbs..  I think!


My questions are: 

Is this a nutrition thing or is it something that can be practiced? 

What supplements would you recommend for word recall and conversation fluency? 

What are your experiences in improving conversational vocabulary..?


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    Piracetam is a great way to increase your verbal fluency, recall and conversational skills. It's also a really good place to start when it comes to cognitive enhancement.

    Be sure to supplement with a quality choline source such as CDP choline- unless you're eating pastured eggs daily; they're an ample source of choline.

    Choline helps your brain create more neurotransmitters for speech and memory. Piracetam will optimize the usage of choline in your brain, though it requires adjacent choline supplementation through diet. 

    I recommend starting with 800mg piracetam and 1G of choline in the morning. 

    Here are two good sources with high value and relatively low price.


    Biohacking Twitter

    Biology Hacker Blog


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    I have choline, but it stinks of fish... Ugh!!!


    Maybe its the brand.. Ok Ive got Aniracetam, Im from the UK, where can I get Piracetam?


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  • Just eat raw egg yolks. Easy way to do it if you're not super fond of raw egg yolks on their own - toss em in the blender with some avocado, mct oil, acv and sea salt. Blend em up. Enhanced guacamole/mayo :) And you have choline for your brain. 


    Biologyhacks - how many raw egg yolks is required for a gram of choline, roughly. 5?

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    I have choline, but it stinks of fish... Ugh!!!


    Maybe its the brand.. Ok Ive got Aniracetam, Im from the UK, where can I get Piracetam?


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    Piracetam in the UK is going to be very tough as regulations are pretty strict. In fact, some regulations on aniracetam are coming down as well.


    Have you thought of just taking caps for choline? Might be worth it to avoid the poor taste and smell.


    As for the OP original question, I suggest you look into racetams for speech fluency and particularly the memory recall. This is where racetams excel and there are a wide variety of options to choose from. Piracetam is great, but if you can't get it, aniracetam is a perfect match with the Bulletproof diet. Pramiracetam and phenylpiracetam are great options as well.

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    Definitely agree with the previous poster in regards to including Aniracetam in any of the stacks that you are  currently working on, especially if you are looking to improve your over all verbal fluidity as well as social interactivity.

    As for getting any racetam to Europe, have family in Ireland and Italy, and some friends in Belgium, it isn't too difficult. I know that Smart Drugs for Thought for example can get Piracetam/Tianeptine/Sunifiram into the European countries that I listed in the previous sentence. From what my cousin in Italy said it has a lot to due with how they prepare the packages for shipment in both regards to the packaging and declaration. I have heard of countless other's getting their nootropics over seas through a vast amount of different ways (had a friend manage to get bottles of capsuled Piracetam they had bulk ordered into Australia by printing alternative labeling on the bottles). Not sure if Hard Rhino is still around but they were able to get a good amount of international orders out through their eBay store, and Nootropic Nexus as well as JL Nootropics were able to get parcels into their client's hands.

    The fishy smell that you are describing coming from your choline is a common trait of Choline Bitartrate (I'm going to assume this is what you are supplementing) which could easily be fixed by picking up some CDP Choline instead. The CDP choline has a positive mechanism of action in regards to the dopamine receptors which could easily be great leverage to bolster the social and communicative improvements associated with Aniracetam.

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