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hey, im looking to find a good source of nuts (almonds pistachios cashews and pine nuts).  looking for raw. not sure what the deal is with the nuts at whole foods. honeslty the only thing i buy from there is butter and salmon.  i get all my meat and produce form a coop.  i will ask them there for a source of nuts but thought this would be a good place to ask as well. 


  • Don't meant to hijack your post, but going off your nut theme, how about sources for Brazil nuts that's not moldy like Dave says.  Perfect Health says to eat 2 brazil nuts a day.  Dave says don't ever eat them because of toxins.  I love brazil nuts, but I'm scare to eat them now.  Anyone know of any good sources?

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    i like terrasoul unpasterized raw almonds.


    i sprout a couple of handfuls each week and then pinch the skins off which also makes them split in half - this way you can see the discolored/potentially moldy ones right away and discard them.


    they also have cashews and other "superfoods" like cacao & vanilla, coconut, himalayan pink salt, etc. i've not had any complaints about their products so far.

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  • Brazil nuts that bad???? I've been eating a couple a day for my selenium intake.....

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    Brazil nuts that bad???? I've been eating a couple a day for my selenium intake.....

    If you are sensitive to mycotoxins. Buy the cleanest bag you can find (I use Sunfood) and keep them in the freezer.

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  • are the raw nuts in wholefoods suspect? also can you freeze nuts?



    This is where I get my raw, organic brazil nuts (no shell).



    They have pretty much any kind of nuts you want.

    Organic or non, shell or no shell, etc.


    Compared to others I've tried, they offer the best, freshest products I've found.


    Highly recommended.


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  • Got mine from Trader Joe's.


    Not sure if those are some of the better ones or not.


    Oh well.....I don't believe I have much of a sensitivity to mycotoxins honestly; always been an iron stomach type....

  • I think this whole forum is a good source for nuts. Ha ha ha, ha… hello?… is this thing on? (tap tap, tap)

  • If you can get pistachios from Iran, they will be awesome (original source of pistachios.. and almonds). For those in California, there are some good farmer's markets that have good pistachios (though usually salted). Santa Barbara Pistachio Co. Has good pistachios and sells at Whole Foods.

    Farmer's markets are good for raw (unpasteurized) almonds (and for the most part the only source, with very few exceptions), though you'll need to ask some questions as many are not certified organic (not that it means anything, and I'd rather they keep the money for better farming practices). Many farms will spray (usually once per year), many farms use synthetic fertilizers, so it's very difficult to source good, clean almonds-even in California where most all USA almonds come from. Organic Pastures (the guys who are fighting hard for raw milk) sell raw almonds, though I think I remember getting a newsletter email update from them saying something about canceling almond sales.

    I've never tested any of the nuts for mycotoxins (how is this tested?), but I always sprout for 48 hours in special filtered water (cycling the water after 24 hours), then put them in the dehydrator until good and crunchy (but not burnt). I do the same for walnuts (interestingly, walnuts seem to get much "soapier" than almonds when sprouting.. Saponins?)

    Donna Gates' website (Body Ecology), Organic Pastures and EWG websites all have great info on almonds.
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