Podcast With Sara Gottfried -- Some Clues To Female Fat Loss In Middle Age



  • A lot of our opinions must be based on which podcasts we each happened to catch. Most health coaches it seems don't bat 1000 with their podcasts 100% of the time. I didn't think Abel James was a salesman (well-spoken and nice looking, yes), but of his podcasts I managed to listen to, none had much substance. But in fairness, maybe the ones I heard weren't a good sample of his best podcasts.

    Right now, I'm really liking Marc David and the psychology of eating. Ameer Rosic has some good ones. Every podcast where Denise Minger has been a guest has been fabulous. The one who puts me off is Jimmy Moore, but some people think he's great, go figure. I get a lot out of Jack Kruse's blogs, but there again, his maverick personality irritates some.


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