Applegate Organic Grass-Fed Beef Hot Dogs

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Any opinions on these? I saw them at Whole Foods and was wondering if they would be another way to increase my grass-fed beef consumption on a budget. Given that they are pre-cooked, are these still bulletproof?

My guess is that they are probably OK as Applegate is one of the better brands, although obviously not optimal. I get tired of ground, grass-fed beef though...

Unfortunately, I can't afford to buy grass-fed steaks every week at the supermarket, and I don't have room for a chest freezer in my apartment so buying in bulk is hard. image/sad.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':(' />

Any other strategies on how to do grass-fed beef on a budget (besides ground beef)?


  • I've bought these hot dogs before and they are definitely convenient (and taste really good!). However, I can't attest to how "bulletproof" they actual are. I would also be very interested to hear someone's take on them
  • hot dogs are one of the first types of meat I remember eating as a child. But like all foods, I now want to consume properly sourced franks. These are one of the hardest foods to find more natural versions of as they’re a rather processed product in general. When searching for better choices in hot dogs, it’s important to pick ones with just the basic ingredients needed. click now

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