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I have a tire around my waist and want to get rid of it. I have been drinking the coffee for three months. I make the ice cream all the time. Eat only grassfed beef, high quality pork, make smoothies with my nutrabullet full of greens, his whey powder, raw eggs, ground seed seeds ect...

I bought his mct oil, coffee beans, cocoa powder, whey, cocoa butter.

Haven't bought my favorite locally made multigrain bread in two weeks

Get raw milk from a farmers and grass fed eggs from another farmer

Still weaning myself off of all gluten as I have struggled with stomach aches for years and therefore anorexia and weight gain from eating whatever those around me wanted to eat and finally I have quit smoking three months ago and looking at feeling better when I eat.

Mental fog and moodiness have accompanied me my whole life

Coffee and oil have been amazing

Let me know what you all think

This is my first post ever on a blog so sorry so long. Don't know short cut for words




  • How much movement are you doing?

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    I think it's difficult to lose a tire, and it's great you are set on doing it, and great you are asking for help. Try to go completely grain free, reduce/eliminate the milk, maybe ditch the seeds -I don't think they are BP... I wonder what else is in that smoothie, "etc?"


    But what's more, have patience and remember it's a process to learn what works best for you. It will take trial and error. Keep trying and tweaking and noticing the results.


    Things Dave doesn't talk much about that I personally need to keep an eye on: Am I chewing my food well? Eating slowly? Eating when I am hungry? Am I emotionally eating? Overeating? Eating too many BP desserts? Eating too large portions of protein? Am I challenging my digestion too often with too many food groups at once?  (Not a Dave concern, but, eating sweet potato with fat and protein in my belly at once, especially several times in a few days, will make me and my digestion VERY sluggish!!) 


    Are you doing the supplements? That can make a big difference. Sleeping enough? Eating after 8? Eating enough grass fed butter? 

  • Thank you! Great feedback. I walk an hour a day to and from work then I am walking all day at work from one end of the store to the other.

    I am putting raw nuts and flax and sesame seeds in my smoothie which as long as it's raw thought it was okay

    But I think my digestion is sluggish and when i am tense which is often at work (not relaxed) I don't digest as well and sometimes just eat to make my stomach stop hurting so it's emotional.

    Ect... Would be mango and apple and banana

    May be also simplify like you said

    Starchy foods like sweet potatoes have always been hard for me to digest

    Thanks again!
  • Doing the ten main supplements he recommends plus collagen

    Sleeping but waking up in the middle of the night

    I push it hard at work physically so may be I am under eating?

    But bloated ness usually caused by inflammation from food insensitivites

    Had a blood test taken once after a regular day of work and it came back showing something I can't remember and the doctor asked me if I'd ran a marathon.
  • Welcome to the Bulletproof forum, Bmgenterprises!  It looks like you are off to a good start, but do let the moderators know if you need anything.




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    I am putting raw nuts and flax and sesame seeds in my smoothie which as long as it's raw thought it was okay

    But I think my digestion is sluggish and when i am tense which is often at work (not relaxed) I don't digest as well and sometimes just eat to make my stomach stop hurting so it's emotional.

    Ect... Would be mango and apple and banana

    May be also simplify like you said

    Starchy foods like sweet potatoes have always been hard for me to digest

    Thanks again!




    Nice work on quitting smoking! And the life changes in general. 


    I'm a guy, but nothing I'll address is specific to the women's forum. Second disclaimer at the bottom... 


    Flax and sesame seeds aren't on the BP diet infographic, but flax has more omega 6 fats than are desirable, and the oils oxidize easily. Therefore if they were not stored properly, they could be slightly inflammatory, and the O6 fats are also slightly inflammatory. Note that the package may say "high in omega 3s!" Which is technically true. But there's more O6 than O3, so even though it's high O3, it still messes up your overall ratio. Also, the omega 3s in flax are converted very inefficiently to EPA/DHA, which are the types of fat that we want when we eat omega 3s. So flax isn't the end of the world, but it's not the health food it's cracked up to be. 


    Mango, apple, and banana are fairly low on the BP diet infographic, because they are fairly high in sugar. They will almost certainly take you out of fat-burning mode and may cause a bit of a sugar high / crash if your body isn't great at managing blood sugar. 


    The fact that you have trouble with starches is concerning, but it might be a nightshade sensitivity (nightshades are potato, tomato, acai (EDIT: goji, not acai,) and I think peppers.) Does white rice give you problems? Really weird that sweet potato is a problem. 


    Something a lot of new BPers get wrong is failing to properly carb-refeed. Part of the diet is eating a bunch of carbs in the form of safe starches at least once a week. For whatever reason, many women need to do this two or three times a week. This means 150+g of carbs, much more if you're feeling run-down regularly. That's a lot of sweet potatoes or white rice (a cup of white rice is 45g carbs.) So if you really can't do starch, I'd keep the fruits in as a form of carbs on refeed days, or maybe just keep having them daily but really try to be aware of any negative blood sugar effects. 


    The digestion / sensitivity stuff is really important. You might want to mine the forum for threads on this, and/or check out John Brisson's "Fix Your Gut" ebook. If your gut isn't absorbing things properly (and it won't if you are exposing it to foods to which you have sensitivities) then you won't see all the benefits of this or any other diet. 


    It sounds like the biomarker that made your doctor ask if you ran a marathon could be important. The first things that spring to mind would be creatinine which measures muscle breakdown (which happens all the time, just at a slow rate, and the muscles are rebuilt) or cortisol, which is a stress hormone. You might want to call up your doctor's office and ask for a copy of your blood tests. It will show your numbers and also give a range, and you'll easily be able to see what your doc was talking about. My doc mailed me mine without me asking, so they definitely do this. 


    OK. Second disclaimer. This is really important:


    I've just dropped a bunch of stuff on you from types of fats, sugars in fruits, carbs and gut health to blood tests. Personally, I am the type to freak out when I hear a bunch of new stuff like this. The disclaimer is that there's no need to react to this stuff immediately, you've already made awesome changes and everything I've mentioned is just tweaking and dialing-in some improvements. Like mmejoanna said, it's all about trial and error and figuring out what works for you. I find tracking what I eat and how I feel over the course of the day really helps with that dialing-in process. Also, only making one or two changes at a time helps isolate what's working. If you change 10 things at once and feel better or worse, lose or gain weight, you won't know if it's only one or all ten things doing it. The exception to this rule is eliminating food sensitivities: you've got to eliminate all the possible problem-foods, then reintroduce them one-by-one to see what the problem is. You might look at the Virgin Diet for that. 

  • Commit - permanently - to gluten-free.  Gluten is a major contributor to a spare tire.  I have been a preacher of gluten-free for a long time, and have seen so many fit people finally lose that belly fat after giving up gluten.  No amount of sit-ups or whatever can touch that.  When you feel like you need a carb, have some rice.  Weird about the sweet potato...

  • Really great feed back thank you!

    I am grinding the seeds myself right before adding them to my smoothie if that makes any difference.

    I think you nailed it with the night shades. White rice is fine for me. Wondering if sweet potatoes are a nightshade?

    I might call that doc and ask for it to be mailed to me thank you.

    Where does it show on the informally to refers on carbs? At night? How do you know how many grams are in a cup of white rice? Just google it?

    And do you know how much it takes to make one serving of vegetables? Like a cup of spinach?

    Thanks again!

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    Grinding the seeds may make a difference in digestion but not their fat profiles. 


    Sweet potatoes are not a nightshade which is why they *should* be fine for everyone. That's why your problems are weird. I'm out of my depth here, but having the wrong gut bacteria might mean they consume the starch and cause discomfort. But then that should happen equally with starchy nightshades and white rice too. Still weird. 


    The infographic refers to carbs under the "starch" column where it says to "every 3-7 days, eat more." It should be more specific, and there's plenty of info on the forum on carb refeeds if you search. While using fat for energy is great, after a while your body will alter levels of hormones related to hunger and metabolism. It's basically slowing down your energy usage because it's noticing your burning through body fat and not getting many carbs. The purpose of the carb refeed is to reset these hormones so you can keep your metabolism running on high. 


    I use Google or nutrition facts on packaging to figure out carbs. Cup of white rice is 45g according to Google, I just picked up some sushi rice that says 1/4 cup uncooked is 35g.


    Most vegetables are low in carbs, and on top of that you should subtract fiber from carbs to get "net carbs" which are the carbs your body can actually use. (Tree bark has lots of carbs, but it will just pass right through you because it's all fiber. Just an extreme example.) A cup of spinach has 3g carbs, 1 gram fiber, so 2g net carbs. Unfortunately on carb refeed days you'll need to do some Googling and counting of carbs. Again, if starch causes discomfort stick to white rice and fruit on carb refeed days, or just include them daily at lower amounts. The less you eat in one sitting and the slower you eat, the less your blood sugar will be effected. 

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    coming from a gal, ^^ has given great advice. 


    A few things that I have personally found...I need carbs every day. Just a small amount, in order to feel good. I do a larger refeed with rice or sweet potato twice a week still. I also MUST have either protein in the am or add collagen to my BP coffee. That is just what works for me. Depending on your age, you may need to up or cut the fat a bit in order to lose that spare tire. Gluten is a must to be gone and so are seeds. Raw nuts (as long as they have always been refrigerated) are ok occasionally but you should sprout them first if you have a bit every day. Get the dairy out for now can sometimes be interpreted by the body as gluten since the proteins are so close in shape(or something). And need to exercise and reduce the stress. The stress is going to add to your tire no matter how hard you are trying to eat well. I would say an elimination style diet may be ok...however as in the virgin diet...pea starch can cause HUGE issues if you have a bad gut. It can cause leaky gut. SO...I would totally look into the fix your gut book. It is amazing! Don't be worrying if you are overeating...worry about not eating too much! I find it really hard to eat the amount of veg I need...never the fat, that's easy. Some women also do not need as much protein...depending on activity level...

    Help me get my blog up and running...check it out for recipes and info


  • Also...I hope you are not making a smoothie ahead of time and drinking it later...the bioavailability of the nutrients declines fast after about 30 minutes.

    Help me get my blog up and running...check it out for recipes and info


  • I used to do this until I noticed how big of a difference in how I felt drink fresh vs what I brought to work.

    Also...I hope you are not making a smoothie ahead of time and drinking it later...the bioavailability of the nutrients declines fast after about 30 minutes.

  • Thank you so much for great advice! You said a few things that really resonated with me and I took notes. I made changes already today like drinking my smoothie ASAP rather than later at work. Also ate six servings of veges which I wasn't. Removed the seeds from my smoothie. No more dAiry no gluten and gotta find an exercise to de stress - that one really resonated with me. I do appreciate you taking the time and sharing your feedback. Ordered collagen from Dave and already use his whey and mct oil. Need to watch my moods to know if I am getting enough carbs. Thank You!!!
  • great to hear! 


    Yeah...carbs and moods are HUGE for me. I get wacky without enough and so does my daughter. If I am out of sweet potato or forgot to just make rice for her, and she is more low carb all day, by bed she is a crazypants lunatic! I then give her GF rice cereal and coconut milk before bed with whey and honey and she is good for the night. I also need to not find the time...MAKE the time to exercise. I keep saying that I don't have time and really I am just lazy. I don't want to get up early since I already work 11 hrs a day and I do not want to exercise after my daughter has gone to bed...8:30pm is way too late for a workout for me since I try and get to sleep before 10:30 latest! I really am being lazy and I know I would feel better but wow...someone literally needs to come and make me do my workouts, even if it is just from home!

    Help me get my blog up and running...check it out for recipes and info


  • I love your idea for cereal with whey and honey! I have been having trouble sleeping thru the night waking up a couple hours each night and ate the cereal and fell back to a deep sleep quickly so thank you!

    Ya been watching my moods this weeks and my son and I are both in need of carbs each night.

    Gotta find a way to exert my stress physically and. Dynamically. It would help release stress and may be the small tire around my waist.

    Ate 6 servings of vegetables two days in a row and saw a big difference in my energy level and my mood. According to Bp we are supposed to take in 6-8 servings per day which I need if I am not doing fiber from oats and brown rice anymore. And haven't been eating enough veges so will do three days next week also.

    Cheers and thank again for sharing!
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    The one thing that had truly discernible results for me was cutting out sugar(still included some fruits) and upping my intake of saturated fats significantly. The "ring" of fat I had around my midsection no matter what kind of workout I did or how thin I got legit disappeared. I did also cut down on bread(not completely though) and still ate fruit. I was very serious with the sugar, apples were probably the sweetest thing I ate. Eating plenty of grassfed butter, and I ate a LOT... resulted in disappearing belly flab! I also slept very well, as in not only just enough hours sleeping, but also falling asleep when I naturally got sleepy and waking when my body felt like it. Currently my job requires me to get up really early and I have noticed a return of the flab.....

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    No,sweet potato is not a nigthshade.

    The only thing,I can think of why sweet potato migth be a problem, migth be the sugar content..especially fructose.
    Do you find,you also feel different (tired,moody,depressed,whatever) a while after your smoothie with apple and mango? (both these fruits are higher in free fructose than glucose)

    I notice myself,that I have fructose malabsorption issues. So,foods even the sligthest bit higher in fructose than glucose,even with little sugar/carb content in general blueberries...cause me digestive problems.

    That could be a reason why you tolerate rice well, bc rice is almost exclusively glucose.

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