Freebirds Uses Grass Fed Beef In Their Burritos!

Greetings everyone! Just wanted to inform everyone about a restaurant that uses grass fed, hormone and antibiotic free, beef in their burritos! I cook most of my food, and try to be as 100% bulletproof as possible, but it's good to know that I can eat at this restaurant relatively guilty free. Feel free to post any other restaurants that are known to sell grass fed and pastured meat. Thanks!


  • ^^ agreed...if you look up allergy info, their steak, which is grass fed, is soaked in a "special sauce" which isn't gluten free...even if you did get it on a bed of boring lettuce

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  • What a waste of good meat.


    Do they have anything not in a fusarium or gluten wrap? I drive by free birds all the time. I assumed it was the usual junk.
  • Is there any such thing as a truly BP, paleo, etc. restaurant? Not that I know of. Especially not a huge corporate chain.

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    Yeah, I wouldn't suggest their wraps, but a salad could be good. Maybe not 100% bp because of the marinade but it's all about trying to stay in the green side of the spectrum as much as possible right?

  • side but gluten is a real all or nothing for most BPers ... even relaxed ones. 

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  • So I'm about 2 weeks into being BP and I forgot my lunch today. I remember hearing about Freebirds having GF beef so I thought that'd be an option. I should have known it would be drenched in soy sauce or some other form of gluten junk.

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    Chipotle uses grassfed beef, even though they dont advertise as such. It is marinated in honey, adobo (which is GF and mainly a combo of spices), salt, pepper. I used to work there!

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    There is a restaurant in the Houston area called Harvest Organic Grill. (three locations)  All grass fed beef, pastured chicken, and wild caught fish... Also, all organic vegetables.

  • Moe's uses grassfed beef, but somehow it has wheat in it, so.....


    I saw a response letter from someone at chipotle saying that they to use the highest quality beef possible but cannot guarantee that it is grassfed.

  • Unfortunately, Freebirds uses wheat flour in their marinades.  Adding gluten to grass-fed beef is just plain wrong!

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