Inner Balance Along With Sweetbeat

I have been experimenting with apps. When I do Inner Balance and get in coherence for a length of time  (I can stay in the green range most of the time on Level 2 and sometimes a good part of the time on level 3). But then I put on my strap and check my HRV on SweetBeat, it is still quite low - in the upper 50's. From what I understand about HRV levels and SweetBeat, this is quite low. 


Can someone please help me understand why one might be so different than the other. i really want to believe that doing Inner Balance is having a positive effect on my nervous system, but if my HRV readings from SweetBeat are quite low right after a lengthy Inner Balance session (20-30 minutes), I am concerned that it isn't really doing anything.


Would love people's thoughts...


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