Bulletproof Coffee in Keurig machine

I was never a fan of Keurig machines, but I just learned that they have an accessory called the My K-Cup that allows you to use your own coffee. This seems like a convenient way to brew bulletproof coffee. Does anyone see any reasons why this may not be a good idea?



  • My husband had a Keurig machine. He really liked it but it mysteriously stopped working after a year or so. It was a cool appliance. It was designed to sell the cartridges of overpriced, inferior quality beverages. The machine came with the holder for your own coffee grounds. I wanted him to use that all the time as it was cheaper and created less waste than all of those cartridges. He opted for convenience.

    I think bulletproof coffee would work with a Keurig. The user would have to grind enough coffee for each serving. The bulletproof coffee recipe calls for 16 oz of coffee, but nobody says you HAVE to drink that much at one time. To follow the recipe, it would take 2-3 servings, depending on the strength you prefer. I don't consider that convenient because it requires a lot of fiddling with the machine and waiting between servings.

    If you do not already own this, I think you should skip it. There are far superior ways of brewing coffee. If you are going to the trouble to sourcing high quality coffee, take the time to read about getting the best tasting brew from your beans. Some of these methods are more convenient as well.
  • TheDon,

    We've had a Keurig forever. My opinion is the accessory you speak of sucks. I've never had any success getting any good coffee out of it. When I went bulletproof what I did was used the Keurig to just get hot water and pour it through coffee in a paper filter using a cheap filter holder that sits on top of a cup. They are like $5 at the grocery store. But then I invested in a $20 coffee maker from Costco as I started making enough for my wife and I in the morning and went with that.
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  • Funny you should post this. Someone passed off to me a perfectly new keurig machine for free (it was like $100 bucks at wal-mart, so that's a score for me lol). I went and bought one of those filters as well.

    Anyway...I'm not a coffee snob by any means, but have tried so many different types of coffee. I'm well aware of how it affects me. In fact, I have a muscle injury that certain types of coffee tends to bother. I drink coffee from time to time, but my girlfriend drinks it every day.

    So with my new keurig, I figured what the hell! I bought Dave's Upgraded Coffee Beans. Ground some up with my cheap arse hamilton beach blender and used the keurig...This seriously is the best coffee I've ever had, it doesn't bother me at all! I drink about a cup a day now and this machine makes it pretty darn convenient.

    What's my point? The keurig makes a perfectly fine cup of coffee. Although, there are many cheaper ways to brew coffee I'm sure. So you may want to look into those as well.
  • Yeah, to echo Sean's comment, I've heard that the K-Cup insert sucks. She has it at work and said they always have problems with it.

    I actually think grinding the beans and then trying to make sure all the ground beans get into the tiny little K-Cup basket would be a big pain in the ass but who knows.

    As a coffee snob, I also prefer a better way to brew coffee that allows the water to have more contact with the grinds. French Press is a great option for us coffee snobs but a decent drip coffee machine does a good job too. The problem with the Keurig (from a coffee snob's perspective) is that if you are using good beans, you want to have more contact with the water to really bring out the full flavor of the coffee. The Keurig just fires that water right through the little K-Cup so there's not so much contact. If you bust open one of those little bad boys you will see how finely ground the coffee is which is because there is little contact with the water. Less contact with water means you need a finer grind. More contact with water (like a French press) means a courser grind is better. Bottom line, the more contact with water the more flavor you extract from the grinds. Sorry, I'm rambling.

    RadiantLux said it well - If you're going through the trouble to source good quality beans, avoid a less than high quality way to brew your java.

    I know convenience is huge but there are some other convenient ways to brew like a regular drip brewer or a grind and brew drip brewer.
  • Hey Tim, good points! I may actually try a finer grind. Like I said the keurig was free, so I've been using that and it still tastes great. You're absolutely right with that quote about having a high quality way to brew your high quality beans. I definitely need to switch over to brew it manually, in the mean time I'm pretty lazy.

    To the original poster, if you don't already own a keurig. I would definitely take Tim's advice!
  • Hey guys/gals, I'm new to the bulletproof lifestyle and back to my low carb ways from over 10-12 years ago. I also have a keurig machine and I am having some difficulty finding some good bulletproof coffee. I've only started drinking the BP coffee way with Kelly Gold butter (Have not received my MCT oil as of yet). I have found something about a year ago that may help with your Keurig issues. Its called my Kaps. I'm not affiliated with them at all, but I find it is so much cheaper than buying k-cups and also using the My K cup is horrible. The website is www.my-kap.com. The premise is you reuse your K-cups by cleaning them out after use and grinding or buying your own coffee to refill them using the My Kap to cover the top of the already opened k-cup. It has worked well for me for almost a year with minimal issues. You need to be able to grind your coffee a little finer (slightly less than expresso even though the website says expresso grind). I find the keurig blocks up if the grind is too fine.

    My issue is I am having problems getting a stronger cup, but I have not yet purchased a good BP coffee grind yet. I used Organic that I ground myself and it's coming out too light. I think it may not be ground enough, but I'm not sure yet. i only started this a few days ago. Other than the upgraded coffee sold on this site, what are your suggestions for a good BP coffee short of this site?


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    I guess you can do better with other kind of machines like KRUPs models, even a DeLonghi. I've seen a bunch of cheap ones and I believe most of them have the right setup for BP coffee (still they are "budgetty" alike)

  • The difference between good coffee and bad coffee is determined by a coffee drinkers understanding of what is good and what is bad. If you've never had really, really good coffee, then mediocre coffee can taste pretty good. And that's not a bad thing if you don't want to tumble down the rabbit hole.

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