Got Pretty Sick After Dropping The Carbs

Hey guys,

I am a 16 year old writer and entrepreneur. I was seeking some extra energy and brain power to help use my ADHD (which I view more as a creative gift) and get over my past insomnia problems. This January I went full on bulletproof. I bought the brain kit and started taking glutathione and charcoal at night and bulletproof coffee in the morning with 1aging formula pill and 3000-5000 iu of vitamin D (which I'm deficient in cause Chicago winters+dark skin sucks). The only time I broke the BF diet was when I occasionally ate cereal with sliced banana in it or I would occasionally make toast with peanut butter and honey on top. This week (more like 2 weeks) I haven't eaten practically ANY carbs, only meat eggs and dairy. Today I woke up with a fast heartrate sleeping in to 8 hours (I normally sleep 5) and I had a killer headache and a nauseous feeling in my upper chest. Regardless of how I felt I powered myself up and went to that creativity drainer we call school. I couldn't make it anymore so I had my mom pick me up and take me home. What's wrong? I'm not running fever and when I meditate it improves a bit. I don't feel sick and I've had a history of fighting viruses off pretty well. I feel it's the diet as that's the only thing I could think of that's truly changed.


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    First, if you are concerned with such things at 16, you are waaaaaaay ahead of the curve. Good on you.

    Could be a herx reaction from detoxing. You store a lot of toxins in fat. It can take quite a while before you overcome it. Feels exactly like flu.

    Cheating with gluten is the worst thing you can do if you battle ADD (which is just the result of a shitty diet) it can take 6 months to overcome gluten just from one bite. Your immune system doesn't care if it's a bite or a whole pizza. Your brain issues are probably gluten related.

    You should get some good responses. There are People on here way more knowledgeable than I.
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    When was the last time you had antibiotics? (Hint: they're bad.)

    How closely do your symptoms match a classic herxheimer reaction?

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    Hold up.


    Have you been doing carb refeeds >150g carbs at least once a week? If not, this is a totally normal reaction to going too low-carb. Refeeds are part of the BP diet (with BP starches.)


    If you go super low carb and don't refeed you can run into all kinds of nasty problems, a major one being loss of mucous production leading to leaky gut leading to new allergies. I've run into this with <50g carbs daily + exercise, even WITH weekly refeeds. 

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    Your adrenals are freaking out buddy.

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  • You are growing. Eat carbs every day. No carb at 16 sounds like a terrible idea.
  • I was going SKD for about 2-3 months, and, as of yesterday (my 29th birthday) decided to jump back in with having carbs again (had a super awesome refeed, with lots of sweet potato, and Jason Miller's sweet potato brownies...)... and I woke up today with a BRISTLINGLY huge amount of energy. Every fibre of my being was very alive. It felt awesome (and I had been feeling kinda shitty these past few days/weeks)


    This nutritional lifestyle IS cyclic. Standard (super low carbs) can work.. though for now, I'd really recommend following everyone's advice, and making sure that you do your healthy refeeds. Plus avoid gluten. Especially since you've mentioned you have ADHD. 

    But yeah, make sure you're eating carbs, and getting your HEALTHY refeeds in


    PS - I highly recommend making Jason's brownies as a refeed food. They ROCK!

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