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I'm dealing with Chronic Sinusitis and trying to do everything to ensure I'm dealing with this correctly. I don't have allergys apparently from the allergy test. However I noticed when I moved to Washington it's very dry here and the house I live in has mold and can be very dusty. Now I lived in Hawaii for about 5 years and never had a chronic Sinusitis issue ever. I'm thinking it's a combination of dry weather plus dust/mold. I'm on a budget here about $200 I need to get a decent Air Filter and Humidifier anyone have any good recommendations?



  • I got my AirOasis specifically to counter airborne contaminants and mold.


    You'll probably want something similar for mold..... esp since a humidifier is just going to make the mold grow better.  :???:


    I'm getting rid of a sinus infection also at the moment ( second one I've had ) though I think both of mine were brought on by sleep deprivation....



    Netti Pot, with eucolyptus oil/grapeseed extract. Serrapeptase, lots of vitamin C, and some oregon graperoot are what I'm using to get rid of it........ It's still a slow annoying.

  • Thanks I will look into that. I've been dealing with this for months. I also had similar issues with sleep deprivation but I'm getting better sleep now. Only thing I need to add to my regime is a Netti Pot for the morning and before bed and an Air Filter/Humidifier. It really is an annoyance good luck to both of us.

  • You want a hepa filter with charcoal afaik. I will also buy one after my house has less mold. Stuff makes me sick...
  • Honestly, I only added in the serrapeptase a few days ago.  Seems to be helping the most!! Doing much better now, and not even a week since using it. (got the sinus infection over a month ago)

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    I use this model with great results. Little expensive but definitely a noticeable improvement.


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    Clean the mold with borax or vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. And when you get a humidifier, let it be easy to clean to prevent the growth of micro organisms in the water tank.

    The first is the spraying of water without changing its temperature and state. Devices that work on this principle are called traditional devices. In them, air is passed through a moist environment (special filter or cartridge). Since the rounds, due to their density, resist wind, such humidifiers are equipped with powerful fans. The noise level, for this reason, is higher than for other types of humidifiers. The current humidity of the air determines Their performance. This is a natural regulator of its operation since at high moisture the evaporation intensity drops noticeably. Therefore, a traditional humidifier cannot "waterlog" the air.

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    Hi, more suggestion of The vast majority find that an agreeable mugginess level is somewhere close to 40-60%, however, our homes can get as low as 10% relative dampness in the winter time because of running our warming frameworks. Running a humidifier in your home amid this time can help forestall dry skin, hacks, and clog and even lessen friction based electricity more info of best humidifier visit this site.

  • I was in the same boat, dude.
    Humidifiers do add moisture to the air, thus making a home more comfortable, even at lower temperatures. As the result they also help reduce the dust accumulation and reduce dry sinus irritation. I use the one from Levoit (some reviews call it a special "humidifier for sinus problems", but IDK if that's a big deal) every day when the heat is on. We don't get colds this way.
    When I didn't use one in the winter, my throat and skin felt dry all the time. Much better now.

    So, IMO, any humidifier you choose might help you.

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