Help Me Design Pre And A Post Workout Drinks ?



Debating buying custom pre and post workout drinks. I've only found one place in the UK that does this.


What would be the best ingredients pre workout for energy and post workout for recovery and strength building etc. I definitely need as much help with muscle recovery and energy as possible


I'm 43, do crossfit twice a week and two heavy weights sessions a week.


Options available to me are at


Look forward to your thoughts




  • Jason I was secretly hoping you'd create something ! So three scoops in total. I'm in !

  • Thanks. What would you increase in the pre workout ?


    This is worth a read before ordering anything.

    I've read many studies that there's no benefit adding BCAA's or isolated aminos to whey except for maybe the insulin response.

    Save your money

  • the taurine, tyrosine, citruline, AAK, beta alanine, and acetyl carnatine would have been 4-5% but it won't fit unless you lower other things.




  • yesterday sponsor gave me this,Jason your opinion...

  • 10/10 for packaging. Black on black looks l33t

  • Thank's pre workout drink but they gave me recommendation to mix 1 serving with water and start to drink 10min before during and after..I will make 1more pic to see better what is inside. ..I tested yesterday and after 6 months I go out from gym fresh. .before 6 months- 7 days before last competition I have here they say catabolism , in 3day I lost 10kg,end on 40 kg..I'm not in my country, federation gave me new couch month before competition I just came here and didn't known how things work here ...he start to gave me 2,5-3h weights workout trening with cardio ..I almost quite all..I have contract here 1 more year. . After competition gave me new couch,in 10 days gain 6-7kg and I stop its 6 months still have trening ar normal now ,couch also ..
  • I kow..its free but I don't use because of that ...I use bcaa,glutamin,...I tray this yesterday and for long time I didn't feel so good after training..what I use before I can't now. .my metabolism change and I'm in hypersensitive condition,real mess...but thank you I always like to read what u whrite. .make sanse
  • Keep it simple. 30g whey post workout and you are fine.

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  • For pre-workout, caffeine is the most effective stimulant to boost energy. I usually take 200mg per serving, however this will vary depending on your body weight and tolerance to stimulants. You may also want to add BCAAs to your pre-workout, especially if you train fasted to prevent muscles from catabolism. BCAAs before workouts will also stimulate protein synthesis, promoting faster recover and muscle building.

    For post workout, I recommend taking Whey Protein. Whey is fast digesting and promotes fast recovery and muscle building. Creatine is another option I strongly recommend. Creatine is one of the most researched and proven supplements. Creatine works by increasing ATP is muscles which creating more muscle endurance, thus resulting is harder workouts.

    I order my custom supplements online here Custom Supplements. I don't know if they ship to the UK, but I would check them out. Another option is to order bulk supplements online from a trusted retailer and mix them yourself. Best of luck!

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