Unable To Sleep A Full Night Without Waking Up

Any advice? Unable to sleep a full night without waking up 1-3 times a night. I easily fall back asleep. This causes to constantly wake up tired. Any tricks?


  • In all circles of self-healing/optimization, whenever there is a problem, you will always recieve the most basic and important question:


    What do you eat?


  • And what does your pre-sleep timeframe (1-2 hrs before rest) look like?

  • And what does your pre-sleep timeframe (1-2 hrs before rest) look like?


    Yup. Also, how optimized for reaching deep sleep is your bedroom? Did this just start recently or has it always been tough to get a good night's rest?

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    Minimize artificial light after dark, get on some magnesium, check emf levels from cell phones, wifi, etc.

    if I forget to put my phone in airplane mode, my sleep tracker shows that I wake up six times a night.

    If you don't want to buy a EMF gauge, they are expensive, try moving your bed as you may have electricity running 6 inches from your head.

    Evan from beyond paleo just released a rem rehab book. I haven't read it but Evan has a good podcast so maybe look into that.

    Sleep induction mats are supposed to help.

    You might be a werewolf.
  • This sometimes happens to me when I take magnesium. Try not taking it for a few days and see if it helps. For some people magnesium does not improve sleep.

  • Check out podcast #95 for Dave's interview with Steve Fowkes sleep cocktail.  It works wonders and doesn't leave you hung over the next day! 

  • Are you wearing earplugs? Is there ambient noise in/around your room? Are there sudden noises going off? As others have mentioned - is it totally dark in your room? 

    Have you looked at Dave's sleep hacking post? I wouldn't necessarily say the part about aiming for less sleep... just the pre-bed parts (honey with mct, protein, etc).


    Also, from a fair bit of research that has cropped up... our species, in the past, didn't sleep straight through the entire night. Often they'd wake up, do a couple things (like have sex, chat, etc), then go back to bed.  Perhaps your inner caveman wants some nookie in the middle of da night! ;)


    How are your hydration levels at night? Are you on the computer before you go to sleep? If so, do you have f.lux installed? Are you sitting under bright light in the few hours leading up to sleep?

    And yes, all of these things CAN affect the quality of your sleep :)

  • Once I started taking a B-complex right before sleep, I dream constantly, sleep deeper and wake up super refreshed.

    It's all relative.

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    What's your stress levels?


    Are you waking up to pee? How much water are you drinking the few hours before bed?

    How much caffeine are you consuming and what time?


    It's really hard to give help for these questions without a whole profile on someone. There are so many factors physically, emotionally, dietary and spiritually.

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  • The major problem is waking up to pee.

    I eat clean 99% of the time. I usually work out between the hours of 8-10 pm and get into bed at midnight on a constant basis. I snack after my workouts. My wake up time is 7am every morning. I usually nap between 3-5pm during the week. Any suggestions?
  • Do you have a protein shake powo?

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    Here's a new Mark Sisson podcast about it.

    Mark discusses one of the most important--and most neglected--elements of primal living: getting adequate sleep. The discussion covers why we are genetically aligned to sync rest and wake cycles with the rising and setting of the sun, and how our health and energy levels are compromised by high tech modern life hampering the efficient cycling through all phases of sleep. In particular, how hormones like cortisol, melatonin, and serotonin become imbalanced when we introduce artificial light and digital stimulation after dark. Mark describes how to create an optimal sleeping environment (calm, quiet, dark and cool); how to minimize exposure to the blue light spectrum that disturbs melatonin release; how fat reduction goals are compromised by insufficient sleep; how napping can help rebalance your circadian rhythm and refresh brain synapses; how to adjust your sleeping habits based on time of year and your latitude; and how to awaken naturally near sunrise refreshed and energized!

  • So here is a little tidbit that might interest you all + OP.


    I spoke to Dan Pardi on the phone about a change in my sleep the past 6 months or so. He's a PhD candidate at Stanford / Leiden Univ. and speaks at Paleo FX etc etc. Anyway, I told him that the past 6 months I've been waking up frequently in my sleep. It's brief and I fall back asleep, but it happens.


    He said as we age this happens naturally to many people. It isn't so much that you are waking up, but rather you are remembering that you are waking up (whereas in the past you might not have). 


    I don't know if this is happening specifically with you, but I found it interesting nonetheless.

  • You could be waking up to pee for a few different reasons.  Your blood sugar could be low as a result of exercising too late in the day or incorrect diet.  Also, drink most of your water before the evening begins.  Have some honey and salt before bed to anchor your blood sugar levels.  Sweet dreams. 

  • I never slept a night through in my entire life without having to get up to piss until I walked backwards into a NUCCA Doctor's office having not idea what the procedure would do for me.


    It turned out that I had a misalignment in the top vertebrae - the one that points down off the skull into the neck. It had been that way from the time I was five years old until I went to see this Doctor last year when I was 28.

    When I started getting this fixed, I started sleeping the night through, after YEARS of troubleshooting vitamin and mineral deficiencies, moving to the forest to escape EMF, eating 9-metric-tons of hash, learning emotional freedom technique, yoga, whatever...


    NUCCA docs usually have discounted first-visit deals. I got into it through groupon with a Dr. in SF, she quoted me $5500 for three months of three visits a week to get the muscles to start holding the bones in place while tapering off to less frequent appointments...

    And a Doctor in Sac quoted $1600 for the same service, although it is much less like a health spa than the place in SF.


    Even if you don't remember any injuries that could have put you out of alignment, this is worth getting checked. Alignment in the top vertebrae can affect the function of every major organ in the body. 



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