Bp Coffee/if For Women: Alternatives

Many of us women have found that intermittent fasting may not be the best thing for us.  Some gurus suggest having a big breakfast instead, and skipping dinner in order to take advantage of the autophagy.  I am willing to explore that possibility -- but I wouldn't really like to give up BP coffee.  What do you guys think can be done to augment IF for women?


One thing that seems like a good idea is perhaps doing BP IF on alternating days?


  • How about a more moderate "feeding window"?  A lot of guys utilize a 6-8 hour feeding window, such as noon or 1 pm to 8 pm.  Maybe you could try something more moderate like 7 am to 6 pm, 10-12 hours perhaps?  You could do a much lighter version of BP coffee, maybe 1 TBS each of butter and MCT oil.

    Or like you said, doing intermittent fasting intermittently.



  • That wouldn't work for me personally.  If I eat big early, I'm hungry all day.  Skipping supper will land me at the table snorking a midnight snack! 

  • That wouldn't work for me personally.  If I eat big early, I'm hungry all day.  Skipping supper will land me at the table snorking a midnight snack! 



    Too funny!  I've never been a midnight snacker and would never get out of bed to eat!  But I love, love, love breakfast!  We are all individuals...Hopefully Mrsfloyd will find her unique answers.

    I also have to rant...Men seem to be so uncomplicated (sorry guys!!).  It irritates me that we women have to have more complex, harder-to-hack hormonal systems!  


  • It really is frustrating -- but that is what makes our physique so much more powerful.  That said, when things go wrong…  It's harder to fix.

  • Hi Ladies!


    Wow, in my real life, I don't know any women that are into this stuff.  I'm so glad to you're out there! 


    I've been IF'ing and skipping breakfast for over a year now. I've done both BP and just plain black coffee. I haven't noticed any issues.  I lost 40lbs.  20 at a time.  The first 20 I lost just by adding coffee and IF.  It just melted off. But I was new coffee drinker so it kind of worked like a fat loss drug. After the first 20, I was stalled for at least 6 months.  Then I did another hack.  I added massive cheat days one day a week after hearing Dave's Podcast #54 with the Engineering the Alpha guys.  It's more geared for men, but I tweaked it and the next 20 melted off really fast and pretty effortlessly.

    I was IF'ing 6 days a week, one meal a day VLC and on my massive cheat days over eating Tim Ferris style and mostly at night. I made sure I massively overate because according to them, you need to massively cheat in order to flood your system with leptin which is depleted when you under eat and just doing 1 cheat isn't going to give you that hormonal advantage.   


    So after losing another 20lbs, I stopped and started eating clean again. I did the Whole 30, during which time I lost no weight.  

    Then I kept hearing and reading about how IF was not good for women and I added the 30g of protein in the morning.  I noticed that it just made me hungrier all day and I ate more and crave more food. So I stopped that.


    So now I'm back on BP IF. When I'm IF'ing, I'm just not hungry.  I should note that before I ever started IF'ing I was paleo for at least a year and fat adapted. 


    I'm planning on going back to the cheat day strategy to lose the last 10lbs.  


    Has anyone else tried cheat days? Thoughts?

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