Black Granite To Aid Sleep

Hi All,

OK this will sound crazy…but if anyone has access to polished black granite it would be interesting to try sleeping on it (with a futon or something on top). The “gold standard” would be a black granite sarcophagus!

I haven’t tried it myself and when I was regularly doing Egyptian breathing exercises in London I invested what little money I had in red granite - which has more of a stimulating and energising affect. At the time it didn’t occur to me that a better quality sleep would be the way to go.

If anyone remembers the Canary Wharf bombing in 1996 the roof had to be replaced. The existing roof was paved with 1” red granite and I somehow wangled a job lot for a few hundred pounds. I basically had red granite everywhere in my flat for about 6 months. I tried making a red granite chair and a “sarcophagus” to energise myself. Madness yes, but there are plenty of such things in Egypt.

Did it work? Kind of, in a rather unbalanced sort of way. Far too stimulating really and my flat took on a very weird energy as soon as I completed the sarcophagus. Bizarrely very rational people who don’t “feel energy” would very quickly walk out of the flat saying there was something wrong in there! Why? No idea, perhaps because the granite was not earthed or because of the bombers intent to destroy….who knows but there was a palpable affect. My intuition is the Ancient Egyptians specialised in the science of low energy physics and new what they were doing whilst I clearly didn’t!

At any rate our teacher back then, Mr Seleem, had always said that black granite has a womb-like nourishing energy which can help the body rest and repair at night and it would be good to sleep under it. Given my experiments with red granite had gone so spectacularly wrong I never got round to doing anything with black granite.

One other thing, I tried growing some herbs on the red granite. They grew very rapidly, shot straight up and then keeled over. Another failure with red granite.

Having just recently delved into the biohacking world I would definitely try sleeping on black granite if I could get my hands on some. I thought I would just put this idea out there, crazy as it is it might just work.


  • i've always had this in the back of my head myself...and also wondered about the red vs. black coffers and what the intentions were.  

    i have a piece of ubatuba serving as my make shift kitchen counter.  maybe i'll try it out soon.

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