My Daily Aeropress Bulletproof Coffee Recipe Is Amazing

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I've been making the coffee for around seven or more months now, and actually I believe this method to be AMAZING



The technique I have found works best for me is this. 


Get two very large mugs. 

Cut the grass fed butter into 3 or 4 large chunky strips, like golden rectangles. 

(the only way that works for me is by using a ungodly amount of butter.. (i usually use 125 grams) 

Put the chunky strips of the butter into the base of ONE large mug, then apply boiling water just over the top of the butter and leave for a short while, (usually 45secs to 2mins max)

(The chunky butter strips allow the boiling water to liquify the butter easily)

at the same time you are adding boiling water to the large mug full of butter strips, add the boiling water to the bulletproof coffee in an aeropress, (upside down method)

after a short time, Pour the boiling water and butter from your mug into the base of a blender.

Now extract the coffee (that has been left brewing for 2mins with an aeropress while the butter is liquifying) into the now empty first mug that originally had the butter in it. 

(the aeropress should fit comfortably into the top of the mug)

Pour the cawfee into the blender, too. 

Add the MCT or whatever other ingredients into the blender with the cawfee and liquified butter. (the butter does not need to be fully liquified, it can be slightly chunky)

Blend the coffee and butter at a medium to high power for as long as it takes to get a large amount of froth.(usually not very long but I like to pulverize it)

Now here is my trick. 

Re-boil some more water at the same time you are blending the butter and coffee together. 

(you need to make sure the water is piping hot just as the blender has created A LOT of frothy foam in the butter and coffee)

Now get the frothy butter and coffee from your blender and pour exactly HALF into the TWO MUGS. 

So now you have two frothy mugs of bulletproof coffee filled halfway. 

Now pour your BOILING water into both of the two mugs right to the very top, (it will not eliminate any of the froth if you do it correctly) 



Now you have TWO large mugs or piping hot frothy, bulletproof coffee, that you can sip slowly to start your day. 


I originally tinkered to make this method as i found the coffee itself was not HOT enough for my liking, and does not seem to be as enjoyable to drink at lower temperatures. 


Anyway, i love this method. 

I messed around with a few different techniques until I came up with this one. 

It comes out perfect every time, it's the balls, basically. 


Anybody want's to add their version or comment on mine please feel free? 






  • Could you make a video of this, sir?  

  • it's a pretty straightforward description, just follow it to the letter and you will be fine.. 

    generally a larger amount of butter is better for 2 mugs..

    i guess the trick for me was finding 2 suitable large mugs, i think they both fit around 375ml in each one

    somebody else can make a youtube video of it if they want to.. 

    It definitely makes the bulletproof coffee experience a lot more enjoyable.

    Personally i am not fond of shaking the butter in a klean kanteen. Blended is far better. 


    I believe it needs a shit ton of butter, (woolworths unsalted), and needs to be prepared with love.. 


    just try it, its awesome 

  • HazakinsHazakins Graveyard shift putting me in the Grave!

    Really similar to how I make mine.

    I do it all in one large Blender bottle with a immersion blender. Make on batch at home and one at work.

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  • good to see a fellow aeropresser  :mrgreen:


    #cheap #effective

  • whats better than aeropress?? what would be the next step up? 

  • whats better than aeropress?? what would be the next step up? 


    one of those really expensive coffee machines most likely

  • aeropress rules! 

  • Does the aeropress have a distinct taste difference compared to a French press?

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  • I think i'll give this a go on wednesday, with my French Press.

    Another tip for keeping your coffee super hot - pour hot water into your blender, and into your cup, as your coffee is brewing. Then pour out the hot water whsn you're gonna add the coffee and fixin's. Though your method takes advantage of every drop of water, it seems. Highly resourceful. Kudos!
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