Ciltep + Aniracetam + Phenylpiracetam

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I am new in the Forum and after having a few issues to be authorized to be part of the Forum, finally I am part of the family. Recently I have listened to the Podcast with Abelard and Dave around CILTEP and today I have finally received my Phenylpiracetam in Melbourne and have already tried CILTEP and Aniracetam separately. After reading blogs and other into on the net I keep finding that CILTEP does not stack well with Aniracetam.


On the other hand Dave has mentioned during the CILTEP Podcast that during that day (of the podcast) he has stacked:



2) Aniracetam

3) Phenylpiracetam


For those of you that are familiar with this stack, could you please share a couple of recommendations in regards the quantities. I have a high tolerance for everything. I will report on the recommended doses if the post has different ones, that way I can provide full details around them. You have my word!


Looking forward to it. Thanks in advance and looking forward to a cool thread.




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    My own personal experience has been that I have tried all 3 supplements seperatately.

    Results were:

    a )  CILTEP by itself didn't really do much for me, I didn't really feel or notice anything.

    b )  when stacked with Phenylpiracetam the effect was quite noticeable. This could have been just the Phenyl but I have taken the Phenyl by itself and the effect, at least for me, was not as pronounced.

    c )  I have tried CILTEP and Aniractem and to be honest I didn't really like the combo.


    Having said this, when my curent bottle of CILTEP runs out I won't be replacing it. Reason is my favourite stack is to combine Aniracetam with Pramiracetam. I also like the effect of taking Phenyl with Alpha GPC before an intense exercise session.


    The good thing about all this is that trying any of these supplements or combinations on yourself, and testing / assessing the result won't have a great negative impact. Always start with small doses and work up to find your comfort/effect level.  


    In my opnion just test them, start with each seperately for a few days to assess how it works for you (if at all - some people don't notice anything), and then after trying all 3, test combining them and see if they enhance the effect from just taking the individual supplement.


    Also remember to add a Choline such as CDP or Alpha GPC with your racetams.


    Hope this helps.

  • Welcome to the Bulletproof Forum, Antxon! Since you are new here, I wanted to let you know about a very lengthy "CILTEP" thread that will probably provide answers to many of your questions. There are many "posters" there who may be following the thread and will likely to jump in and answer you quickly as well:


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  • After discussing the topic with Abelard and reading through the original Longecity thread, aniracetam is one of the main racetams that just does not work well with CILTEP. Piracetam and phenylpiracetam are anecdotally supposed to work well.


    I suggest starting with piracetam and then trying out phenylpiracetam if you like it even though there are differences. 


    P.S: I posted a blog post from the company blog on these forums a while ago:


    Good luck!

  • Hi Guys,


    Thanks to everyone that has replied to my post. TimH thanks for the heads up and for sharing your personal experience and thanks for the Choline recommendation I guess I'll have to experience if I am Choline dominant or not... You know headache, muscular tension, etc. Oh well all good :-P


    Bulletproof Mod thanks for pointing me in the right direction I will do my theory homework and straight into the practice.


    brainstorm11 I have seen a few posts from you here and in Longecity and yes, now that Piracetam has been cleared in Australia I will be doing some shopping and getting my supplements lined up.


    I am looking a building my own stack for learning in class environment and also for learning (self study, online study and webinars). Also I am looking at a stack for creativity specifically around writing content.


    It is quite overwhelming the amount of information that you can find online and there are some crazy people stacking loads of different supplements together. And given that Dave has plenty of experience with Nootropics and talked about these three together during the Podcast I thought it would have been a good stack to combine and it all goes back to what works for each individual.


    Thanks once again you guys and looking to share my findings with you all!


    Stay Bulletproof!



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