Biking From San Francisco To La

Hey Gang,

I've been on the BP program for over 6 months and I love it.  I have more clarity of mind and have lost a few pounds (about 25) without any real sacrifices.


I am training for the AIDS/LifeCycle from San Francisco to LA in June.  It's 565+ miles in 7 days.   I'm also training every week (mostly weekends) putting on 100-150 miles a week and increasing mileage as I get closer to the event.


I'm looking for some help, guidance, tips, suggestions on how to keep BP as much as possible during training (6-8 hours on bike) and during the event  (8-10 hrs on the road before arriving to camp).


I wish there was a way to carry grassfed butter with me on the ride, but that's just going to be impossible... and I won't have kitchen privileges, as all the food will be catered.


I have done the ride a couple of times, but I would like to keep as BP as possible, as this has proven to be great for me.


Any assistance will be greatly appreciated!






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