Rapid Fat Loss Protocol And Resistant Starch

Hi all,


I've just ordered all of my supplements to try the Bulletproof Rapid Fat Loss Protocol: http://www.bulletproofexec.com/rapid-fat-loss-protocol/


I've been supplementing resistant starch using 4 TBSP of Bob's Red Mill potato starch daily for about 1-2 months now and I really love the effects I've been getting with it (better sleep, better moods, etc), If you're not familiar with resistant starch, you can read about it here: http://freetheanimal.com/2013/12/resistant-primer-newbies.html


What I want to know is would it be safe to continue supplementing resistant starch during the RFLP? Would it interfere with any of the processes that are contributing to the weight loss in any way? I wouldn't think that it would, as it isn't digested by "you," just your gut flora.




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    According to Mark Sisson as long as you dont heat it, raw potato starch is completely undigestable except by the kind of gut bacteria you want to feed. If your body can handle that much i'm impressed, I can only take a teaspoon with a probiotic or my stomach hurts.

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    Also the rapid fat loss protocol would otherwise be very hard on your gut bacteria (starving them), and pretty much undo your months of work building them up.
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    Thank you, Cyclone. So supplementing with the resistant starch might actually be good at maintaining the the gut flora I've built up while doing the RFLP, that's good to know. I'll continue with it and add the other supplements in the RFLP and see what happens.


    As for the 4 tbsp, I took pretty well to the RS, but I did have to work up to it. The worst symptoms I had were a bit of headache and heartburn.

  • Let me know how your fat loss goes while taking that.  I will be starting RFLP in a few weeks and was a little concerned about the lack of carbs for my stomach/mucus production, so this might be a good option for me. 



  • Sure. :) I'll post my progress here once I start it. Right now I'm just doing a regular Bulletproof/low carb paleo diet with the RS while I wait for my supplements to come in, should start the RFLP experiment in about a week.

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    Let me know how your fat loss goes while taking that. I will be starting RFLP in a few weeks and was a little concerned about the lack of carbs for my stomach/mucus production, so this might be a good option for me.


    Well in the case of raw potato starch you would still not be getting any carbs, thats why I think its ok for RFLP. I take it and stay in ketosis.

    I do think the carb refeed every 7-10 days is good though. Keep your thyroid reved up, top up your muscle glycogen, and mucous. If you keep those carbs to rice or sweet potato you will get back into ketosis faster. Lots of MCT oil the day after, so my Sunday BP coffee has 3 tbsp of MCT.

    I've never done RFLP though, I do an IF with 1 large meal a day made up of meat and veggies with loads of butter.

    If you can fit in some low level exercise like walking 30-60 min a day while in ketosis you can shredd weight even faster.
  • Hmm, Cyclone I like your idea of extra MCT after the re-feed day. I was considering adding some light exercise (walking) while doing the RFLP but I wasn't sure if that would be helpful or not. Dave said a few times that he doesn't recommend exercising during the RFLP but I'm thinking walking would be different. I'll post daily results and what I did/ate here once I get going. Wondering if the resistant starch will affect the weight loss positively/negatively/at all. I see my supplements just shipped. :)

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    For RFLP you wouldnt want to do any exercise that makes you get anywhere near short of breath. That would mean its anaerobic and burning glycogen instead of fat.

    Walking has a lot of other benefits for you in addition to the fat burning.
  • What about occasional moderate exercise during RFLP?  I play on a softball team and would have to sprint around the bases while playing; games are only twice a week though.  Will that mess with fat loss, you think?


    Thanks for your help!

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    No, it wouldn't mess with fatloss but you may not have the glycogen stores to supply enough energy for that unless the game is close to a carb refeed day. So you could end up being too weak to play effectively.

    If you're going to stay relatively active I would intermittent fast instead, then eat just meat and vegetables with fat during the week. Keep your carb refeed day close to your most active. Your glycogen should be able to fuel 1-2 hours depending how intense the effort. I can do a lot of heavy weightlifting in a fasted state if I keep it under an hour.
  • When are you all having your resistant starches ?


    I've been having mine at night, before bed... just trialing it at the moment.

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    After dinner, which is around 8-9pm for me.

  • I drink 4 tbsp mixed in water all at one time. Timing varies a little but always between meals with a Primal Defense probiotic. I don't have any side effects from doing it that way.


    According to my tracking number, my supplements for the RFLP experiment should come in on Thursday, so I'll start on Friday. :)

  • Also, regarding the exercise question, I went through all of the comments on the RFLP post and this is what Dave had to say regarding it:


    Adam Fiddler


    This is a really interesting idea. In your opinion, would adding 50-100g of pharmaceutical grade BCAA per day in water while on this program be enough support two 30 minute sessions per week of heavy resistance training? Thanks and great work.

    I'd like to know too since I'd like to keep my Occam's Protocol (twice a week HIIT resistance training) ongoing.


    Dave Asprey 

    I do not know the answer to this. I wouldn’t do heavy lifting more than once a week on this, and afterwards I’d have a little raw honey to keep brain glucose up. It will stress your body to exercise under these conditions. Would think about not exercising much.


    Also this:


    A@shah.com OliviaH

    Do you recommend any exercise program while doing this?


    Dave Asprey 

    Other than Whole Body Vibration to aid lymph flow and maintain muscle mass, not really.



    He doesn't really seem to have the exercise thing worked out with regards to this program. I know Dave isn't big on exercise in general. Thinking I'm going to try a daily walk with mine.

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    RFLP makes me a bit concerned about thyroid issues to be honest. A caloric deficit can be taxing on the thyroid on it's own, heavy exercise in a caloric deficit is even worse. That's why I would only suggest walking for the little bit of exercise, the hormone stimulation, and the lymphatic stimulation it provides. Make sure to take some pink salt and some things to support the thyroid: iodine, selenium, and maybe some adaptogens like ginseng. (which is particularly good at stabilizing thyroid hormones)


    I found in the first 2 weeks on the standard Intermittent Fasting BP diet, I was extremely thirsty and just couldn't get enough water. As your body gets fat adapted, all the cells of your body will be reconfiguring themselves for fat burning. My lips were getting chapped despite the massive water intake. It took about 5 - 6 days for my brain to be okay running on fat without carbs, so expect to be fighting some brain fog in the first few days. Starting on this long weekend is probably a great idea.


    This Friday will be 8 weeks for me. I dropped at least 30lbs and I can't remember ever feeling this good before. I'm in for life now. :)

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