Gaba No Good

Just curious if any others have had similar reactions.  When I take GABA, it will help me get to sleep, however, I usually sleep too long, and wake up groggy with no energy for the rest of the day.

Even when I only sleep 8hrs with it....still groggy.


So, it's worthless as a sleep aid for me.


  • I typically feel this way about Melatonin but my Sleep Cycle app tells me that I sleep amazing with it.  GABA isn't supposed to cross the blood-brain barrier and thus really does nothing - it is theorized that if you are affected by GABA you may have a leaky gut.

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    GABA supposedly doesn't aid directly in sleepiness, but there is evidence that it stimulates growth hormone.  Do you take magnesium at night?  Arginine can help most people as well.

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  • I wonder if you could make a GABA cocktail like the one Steve fowkes talked about with collagen and 5htp
  • b6+magnesium+zinc+gaba = finally sleeping well and having dreams after 2.5 years :)

  • Maybe instead of taking GABA, just work with what you've already got. Try lemon balm tea as the rosmarinic acid is an inhibitor of GABA transaminase, which degrades the neurotransmitter. Works wonders for me, but it can also be a bit sedative so be careful.

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