Lucky Bag Of Questions - Modafinil, Testoserone, Integrated Software

Ok have millions of questions so instead of posting a number of different ones will just compose my little matrix.


1)Does anyone know where to get a cheap supply of modafinil in the UK?? Stuff seems to be in huge demand and little supply.


2) Can anyone recommend the "best" i.e most powerful brand of modafinil? I heard that there is really no difference between them and that the cheaper ones are actually the same ones and all you are paying more for is the brand name. In one of his posts Dave quotes one his accociates as saying that nu-vigil is twice as powerful as provigil, I'm not quite sure what the story is any anecdotal evidence would be appreciated.  


3) Is there any recommended bulletproof way to increse testoserone levels?? Or any cheap ways/ common everyday signals which can identify hormonal imbalances. Was taking tribulus terrestis with 95% saponins apparently, but stopped a month ago as unsure of bullet-proof ness.


4) How far have people gotten with integrated software for everything?? As in a devices that measure blood pressure, blood sugar, serontonin, melatonin, testoserone, sleep, cortisol, alpha brain-waves etc, hooks the information into a dashboard, lets you insert what you ate, additional comments, and lets you identify trends and patterns over time??


5) (amazing site) tells me that caffeine tolerance can build up over time,does anyone have experience of this??


6) i have heard the expression "hard on the body" thrown around a few times, what exactly does it refer to?? I take numerous supplements a day, just clarifying that there is no biological harm in your stomach dissovling all the caps/casings of the tablets?


Apologies for this blatant disregard of question etiquette, my racetam addled brain is urging me to get as much information as quickly as I can. Any advice/input/links on any of the above are well appreciated.





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    3) Squats, Cold Thermogenisis, healthy sleep, saturated fats, caffeine 

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    1) Acquaintance named Sophie runs this:


    3) Not only squats, but high intensity compound movements in general. Bench, deadlifts, and obviously squats are great. Get enough sleep, don't drink alcohol, eat healthy fats. Caffeine is not required, though it will help. Cold showers if you don't want to go all the way with that. Also, look into No Fap - stop masturbating (or at least do it rarely) and don't use porn. 


    Finally, in an n=1 experiment I found rhodiola rosea does wonders for test


    5) Yes, there is a ton of research to indicate this is true. Many of my friends have commented on it


    6) It refers to creating excess work on the body. Some supplements that are not highly bioavailable (or just overkill) can definitely be hard on the body. Mega dosing some vitamins and minerals can be a real problem. Not only do they compete for absorption, but they can lead to other problems (example: too much calcium can lead to reduced bone strength because the bone starts to absorb less and less)


    Also, a lot of supplements are hard on the kidneys and liver as they have to process everything. Sometimes this is fear mongering, sometimes it is real. Just try to remain balanced as best as possible.

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    1) As mentioned, MODup is good but they are currently experiencing major issues because of the FDA issues in India. Packages may take several weeks to arrive if they are not seized. At ModaMinds, we ship out of a different location and have been shipping pharma products for 14 years, so we'd be happy to supply to you in the UK.


    2) Since you mentioned both Nuvigil (armodafinil) and Provigil (modafinil), I think it's important to note the difference. Nuvigil is the R-enantiomer of modafinil, or R-modafinil (pronounced armodafinil, as this is the generic name). R-modafinil is the most important component of modafinil, so when you concentrate it into a pill, you need less R-modafinil than you would modafinil to get the same effect. This leads some people to say armodafinil is "stronger" - this is not necessarily the case; you just need less armodafinil than you would modafinil because it's more concentrated, but it's essentially the same thing.


    It's important to remember that everyone reacts differently to various substances. While the various brands of modafinil should all be the same, some people report reacting better to one over another. The major brands are Modalert (Sun Pharma) and Modvigil (HAB Pharma). Overall sentiment on the web places Modvigil as slightly inferior to Modalert, but this is all personal, as some people report preferring Modvigil while others prefer Modalert. I personally don't react differently to either of them, and this is how it should be.


    The preferred brand of armodafinil is Waklert by Sun Pharma. We don't yet carry this at ModaMinds (we will soon), but our selection of modafinil (Modalert) should suit your needs fine.

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  • 5) Yes, there is a ton of research to indicate this is true. Many of my friends have commented on it





    Dammit, thanks, I guess I missed that until just now. Any idea on a rough protocol to reduce tolerance? E.g. abstain for X out of every Y weeks?

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    Dammit, thanks, I guess I missed that until just now. Any idea on a rough protocol to reduce tolerance? E.g. abstain for X out of every Y weeks?



    Not that I know of specifically. I typically use it 3-4 times we week and then take 4 days off. Sometimes I'll take 10-20 days off. Honestly, I don't use it enough to deal with much of the tolerance issue.


    Might be some info online (or on this site) considering the number of people that drink BP coffee.

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