Six Hours Sleep

It seems I can only get six hours sleep. I wake up like clock work at the same time every morning.


I eat a BP diet and low level stress. I have no issues falling asleep, but just seems that an extra hour or two would help.


I usually wake up to an increased heart rate. This morning I checked my glucose level and was at 80 which is a bit low. I ate a banana to see what increasing my glucose level would do. After about 20 minutes I my heart rate decreased and was not able to fall back asleep, but was relaxed.


Any ideas?


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    Have you tried a tablespoon of raw honey before going to sleep?

  • Yes, many times... Never noticed much difference in length of sleep, but I will try it tonight and test my glucose in the morning.


    I might keep it on hand when I want to go back to sleep when I wake up like at 3 or 4 AM and have time to go back to sleep...



  • I ran out of raw honey so I had a banana. I got 7 hours of sleep, which only happens a few times a month. Only thing I had around, but might start having blackberries reguarily at night.


    I tested by glucose levels and was at 86, but still woke up with that slightly-hungry-headache. I am noticing that when I feel like this I am usually lower than typical in my glucose levels. During the day I am typically right at 90. I go above right after I eat obviously.


    I had a half banana this morning and felt good.


    I didn't mention previously, but am IF with BP coffee in the AM. I am not sure how having these snacks will affect my fat burning, but am now at <15% body fat and sleep is more important...

  • Are you doing salt water in the morn? That's a calming and healthy start.

    Plus, if your body wants to wake up at X time every day, just cycle back your 'go to sleep' time, to add extra hours of sleep. Eg: if you're waking up consistently at 7am, and want more than 6 hours of sleep, perhaps going to bed at midnight, instead of 1.

    Also, when are you testing your blood glucose levels? And out of curiosity, why is low blood glucose a concern for you, when your primary fuel source on this nutritional lifestyle is fat? Wouldn't low blood glucose be perfect, and a sign to put more fat in your body? I'm honestly curious. Very interested to understand the need to boost your BG levels. :-)
  • The problem with going to bed too early is that I wake up too early... I have tried all the obvious things w/o much luck. I will say eating BP, exercising and dealing with stress have made improvements, but find it odd, I cannot sleep in regardless of how little sleep I had the previous days...


    What originally turned me onto checking by blood surgar were several boods I have read (Four Hour Body, Mood Cures and Body by Science). They all recommend getting your levels checked. Specifically Mood Cures stated that people who wake early fall into two categories:


    1. Cortisol. I had mine checked and were low, not high... I do not believe the test was good and plan on retesting soon.

    2. Hyperglycemia or low blood surgar. I am no diabetic, but perhaps someting I wanted to keep an eye on.


    I was a little puzzled by the results. When I consume some sugars (blackberries/raw honey) I seems to sleep a little longer, maybe an hour or so. One thing that really struck out to me is that when I am feeling depressed and/or obsessive I have some blackberries/raw honey and I seem to calm down a bit.


    I also noticed that whenever I woke early my levels were lower. When I wake up too early my levels were typically 80ish, give or take, but when I woke up refreshed they were closer to 90s.


    Right now I can function on 6 hours, but am working out and have the typical other sleep issues (stress, kids, wife, etc) which can cause me to loose a few hours that I can never make up. So something I need to fine tune. I hope to get my cortisol, thyroid and glucose tolerance test done after my new insurance kicks in.


    There is one thing for certain that I have found while testing this is that my blood sugar affects my sleep and moods. Out of almost a hundred tests there was only one that I couldn't correlate to how I was feeling or sleeping.


    Very interesting topic.

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    I thing it´s a god idea to check cortisol (ACTH, cortisol, maybe cortisol 4 x day to get an understanding of your daily cortisol rhythm) and thyroid hormones.


    Correct me if I´m wrong, but both have a important role in maintaining optimal blood glucose levels. Considering you once already had a low cortisol (i assume in the morning), this may be an issue, because adequate cortisol is crucial for maintain sufficient blood glucose levels while we sleep. You can test this by taking 20mg hydrocortisone or 5mg prednisolone or 4mg methylprednisolone directly before bed. Adding some carbs before doing this and loading on protein 2 hours before would also be a good idea in terms of material for glyconeogenesis. If you sleep longer and don´t wake up then low cortisol it is...and maybe IF is not the best thing to do in this case.


    If it´s a cortisol issue e.g low morning cortisol, then if your thyroid is relatively healthy it may try to compensate by producing more hormones to potentiate the actions of catecholamines. It may raise blood sugar to some degree, but will also wake you up with a faster than normal heart rate.


    I´m not sure you need a glucose tolerance test considering you more hypoglycemic then hyper.


    Good luck to you!


    not exactly bp, but since you have no problem with bananas.. it's worth a shot

  • Thanks for the input...


    I wanted to report back a few things...


    1. Blackberries: I am been eating a dozen or so blackberries to raise my blood surgar and seems to help with sleep. This gets expensive (on top of all the GF butter/steaks).

    2. Honey: I will typically also take a tablespoon a bit before bed. Seems like an hour os so after I take it, I seem to get drowsey. The one thing I noticed about the days that I dose with honey I really feel my body become swollen especially my thryroid and/or surrounding area. This is the case with anything that has sugar really, even blackberries to a lesser extent, but the honey is nearly pure sugar. I also have issues when I eat anythinng more than a half avocado. If I have a whole large avocado my thyroid bulges out to the point it is visiable. I am changing insurance to one w/o a deductible so I will be having a myriad of tests performed (thyroid, cortisol, glucose, etc...).

    3. I seem to have this issue before being BP and IF.

    4. Stress is by far the best sleep killer. I am thinking that there is probably a link between the stress and cortisol/adrenaline that makes it even worse. So I may have an underlying issue and a little stress just exacerbates the issue.

    5. Going to bed well before 11 seems to help.

    6. Exercising 3 times per week.


    Here is another theory... I had my gallbadder removed a few years back. I have not noticed any issues with the high fat diet and improved so many aspects of my life... My stool is far from optimal, it is runny and floats.It is obvious that I am breaking down my fats because I can run circles around most peole and have a very low carb/sugar intake level. But it might not be optimal and in this case the IF may not help things. Could it be that since I am having an early dinner and not getting all the fats I should be to carry me through the night and my body is waking saying, I need energy. This might be possible, but I had been focusing on loosing weight by using IF... I am at approx 15% body fat so I am good now and would rather have good sleep than 12% body fat.


    I just seems like the stars have to align for my sleep to fall into place, it is a challenge to get all those things to align... I believe that it should be easier than this and will continue to work on it until I can resolve the issues.



  • whats wrong with getting 6hours of sleep? Are you feeling tired?

    Doesn't Dave Asprey get only 6hrs of sleep? One of the main selling points of this whole bulletproof "lifestyle" is to optimize your sleep so that you don't need 8 hours. I've been averaging around 6hrs since I've started the Bulletproof diet and I'm more alert then I was getting 8 hours. 

  • @BatExige Great question!


    I am perfectly happy getting 6 hrs of sleep, if I got it every night. There are a few things I am noticing...


    1. I feel like I could wake more refreshed and generally wake up in a slight panic/worrisome mood. Nothing major. I have also noticed an increased heart rate. By the time I am having BP coffee I am on fire. When I first posted I was waking after 4 or 5 hours sleep which is no good, but have a tbs of honey and a helping of blackberries which seems to really help.

    2. If I go to bed stressed (ie fighting with the wife) I am screwed and will wake up a few times during the night...

    3. I feel swollen, especially around my neck/thyroid when I take the honey and blackberries.

    4. 6 hrs is the min I require so when I only get 4/5 it is impossible for me to get any extra outside the 6. With a hectic household I get woken up for all sorts of reasons (that really pisses me off!).


    In reality sleep is a rare commodity and feel blessed to get what I get, but feel my body telling me something and working on a solution.

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    Sounds like a thyroid problem.  Sean Combes recently held a thyroid summit - lots of great info.  

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