Pain In Bed

The last 4 months or so I feel cramped during the night as I sleep - especially the back of my lower ribcage. I also suffer from tennis elbow, which feels like it's on fire every morning when I wake up.

Any ideas as to what it is about sleep that may lead to this or what I can do? I don't really experience as much pain during the day. Nothing has changed about the bed, and I supplement in a big way.




  • If your body is deficient in potassium, you can experience cramping. The eating a banana every day, and see if that helps.
  • Magnesium deficiency is more common (thats why nr 2 in the supplement guide on bulletproof), solved my chronic cramps pretty much. 

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    I also do magnesium. I drink it about 30 mins before bed. If I don't, I have all kinds of issues... from arthritic pain to cramps to restless legs syndrome. The Mag. doesn't cure these things, but it sure helps.

  • Salt maybe.....tried mag, potassium and that did n`t help me. So maybe thinking along the lines of salt and B vits.

  • Okay a simple solution. Silly really.

    Found out that the cramps and pains where due to a temperature drop at around 5am. After keeping them warm and stretching them out a little it's all good. Don't know why my sleepy head didn't work it out sooner.
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