What are alternatives to BP coffee?

Hi, other than the bulletproof chocolattee described by Max, is there any other drink that one could drink later in the day that could be mixed with coconut oil and butter?

I love bulletproof coffee, but I can only drink one cup in the morning, otherwise I can't sleep at night. Usually I make an herbal tea in the afternoon, but that tastes awful with MCT and butter.

It would be great to get more healthy fats in without the hassle of having to cook / blend a meal. Ideally, this drink should be a liquid in which the coconut oil and butter dissolves, so best would be something warm.

Any suggestions?


  • You could just take a fat shot, or do you just find the taste repulsive?

    ClownFish has more info on this ;)
  • Thanks for your reply. A fat shot is a little too much for me...

    Really like the combination of the fat blended/mixed up with something.
  • Hi Frank,

    Why not just try a decaf tea? The bulletproof coffee is just a variation on Tibetan butter (from a Yak) tea. This is generally taken with black tea, but I think I read something against black tea and bulletproof diet. But you could try green tea or maybe a white tea? Definitely not the herbal as you describe would be a bit gross.

    I'd have to try it first, but something with hot water, cinnamon and butter could be delicious. I might try that.
  • Wao that's a though one, to find something that substitutes the coffee.....

    It's best to have nice fats in the first coffee, then if you want more, just pour them in your food with the rest of the meals or make sauces and stuff. Or have another BP coffee at mid day or something....

    Fat shots are a little tough on the palate, and not that tasty unless you get creative with the fat combinations..... I did them for fun for a while but got tired of the tastes by themselves.

    I also just boiled water and poured it on top of the fats so they melted and then added some cinammon and/or cocoa powder for adding extra taste. You blend them and get something like the coffee without the coffee.... but at least the fats are there in a drinkable way...

    Have you tried matcha? I haven't tried it with fats, but it replaces tea perfectly and because it's powder you could improvise with it...

    Good luck with the fats

    Clownfish :)
  • Hot coconut milk mixed with butter and coconut oil (or MCT oil).
  • Thanks for all your answers! It's important that it does not have caffeine (so matcha is unfortunately out).

    I tried warm vegetable juice yesterday and dissolved the fats in it. It's quite OK, like a thin soup.

    Coconut water sounds also interesting, will pick up some cans next time I go to the Asian market.
  • Has anyone tried hot water blended with honey and fats? Tastes excellent, but I am not sure about the bulletproof-ness of the honey.
  • Try tea with chai spices image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />

    It will be like a chai latte with the fats image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
  • Have you tried matcha? I haven't tried it with fats, but it replaces tea perfectly and because it's powder you could improvise with it...
  • I recommend tea blended the same way, If I run out of coffee this is my go to. Recently, dave has recommended in the comments to opt for white tea, I think this is due to less bioaccumulation of toxins like fluoride. I love adagio tea as you can see there farming practices as well as the farmers themselves.
  • BrianHKerrBrianHKerr Quantified Biohacker
    Ummm... without the caffeine... what is the point. Just drink water? I think you should really try Yerba Mate, it's caffeine should not make you jittery. If you wanted antioxidants, tea is always good. Tulsi, Holy Basil has some interesting effects. But in all honesty... I would opt for water... skip the fats... unless your supplementing fat soluble vitamins... then you might want to just have a small bite of butter in the morning.
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