Rapid Fat Loss Protocol Journal (+ A Whole Lot More)

Hey all, new here as an actual forum member but have been a part of the community eating (and drinking) the bulletproof lifestyle for about 2 months. I'm starting this post to journal my experience going through the RFLP as it seems there aren't a lot of actual 'results' posts on here so i figured hopefully some people may be able to benefit from my experience with this.


Backstory: Before I get into where I am now and where I'm going, let me give you a quick history of how i got here.  In 2008 I was in a bad car accident that blew out three discs in my lower back, leaving me pretty depressed and unable to do any physical activity.  I was miserable and in a lot of pain and as a result gained a lot of weight.  I was overweight to start with (roughly 280) but ballooned up to 340lbs during this time.  In December 2009 I had spinal fusion surgery and the next 6 months I spent relearning to walk and getting my life back.  I started eating 'better' (so i thought) cutting down fat intake, stopped drinking soda, eating whole grains etc and did a lot of walking. I dropped from 340 down to about 315 in all of 2010.  Then it slowed down, and this style of eating and exercising was resulting in only a couple pounds a month. I counted calories, spent hours on the treadmill, everything you were taught to do and over the course of the next 3 years made it down to about 290.


Sometime around mid 2013 I discovered 'clean eating'.  My wife and I wisened up to the amount of processed foods and chemicals we were still eating and did our best to cut out as much processed crap as possible. This helped me drop down to my previous low of 260 right at September 2013.  At that time I started taking propecia to help regrow some of my hair which is starting to recede way faster than it should. Well lucky me wound up in the 'small percentage' of people who experience weight gain as a side effect, and around December 27 2013 I stopped taking it for good.  End result of my experience with propecia? Regrew about three hairs on my head, and gained 20lbs leaving my at 280 to end 2013.


January 1 2014 I spent researching and trying to figure out how to lose the 20lb bonus I just got, and wound up finding Paleo. The science behind it made a lot of sense to me and it seemed to have been a pretty popular way of life for a lot of people so I gave it a shot.  Within the first week I was losing weight pretty well and dropped into the high 260's within a couple weeks, but then I stumbled upon a youtube video of a guy by the name of Dave and it all really clicked. 


Becoming Bulletproof: February 5th was the first day I ever drank a cup of Bulletproof Coffee and there's been no going back since.  I quickly adopted the intermittent fasting way of life, having my cup of coffee first thing, followed by some healthy fats, veggies and protein between 2 and 8, eating only when hungry and only until full. 


At present I weigh 245, the lowest I can ever remember weighing.  I'm just 5 pounds away from hitting the 100lb mark, but most likely a good 25-30 lbs away from where I need to be (as of today I'm still 25%BF). The problem for me is that I've been stuck sitting at 245 give or take a pound for the past 13 days and feeling bloated and just generally disgusting, a direct result of a recent week long trip to Vegas which didn't necessarily go according to plan. 


So now I've got a beach vacation in Mexico coming up on Memorial Day, and come hell or high water I'm going to break out of this funk my body is in, rid that last 25 pounds and for once in my life be ready to hit the beach with some pride.


The Plan: Starting today (4/15/14) I'll be following the Rapid Fat Loss Protocol (RFLP) with the goal of breaking the current cycle and kickstarting the weight loss again to get down to my goal weight of 220 and/or 15% BF.  I'm not dead set on those marks, the ultimate goal is a healthy and fit physique and those marks are just my current guess of where 'healthy and fit' will end up being. My trip leaves May 22nd which leaves me 37 days between then and now.  In between I have Easter dinner with the family, a birthday party, and a wedding so I'm hoping to align those with refeed days, which should be no problem.


I'll journal my progress here along the way so in case anyone else is contemplating this or has some sort of similar history you can benefit from my experience in making your own decisions. For the record I am following the timing and dosages set forth in dave's explanatory post.


Day 1 - Tuesday April 15, 2014

Weight: 245.1




" All the effort you are making will ultimately pay off "



  • Hi Jim,

    This is my 2nd week RFLP! The 4th day was the hardest for me! After that no problems! I started Paleo back in July 2013. Than started Bulletproof in November, today I'm down 49lbs! I was not a coffee drinker, but now I could not go with out my bulletproof coffee!!! I do 6 days on, every Sunday off! I'm going for 40 days! Good luck with your RFLP.

  • My thoughts after doing this for some time:


    Go easy on the starchy carbs for the re-feed. I followed the 6 on / 1 off variation. Used a blood glucose meter to check ketone levels daily. By the 5th day I would enter mild ketosis (~1nmol). And following the re-feed recommendations, it would always be back to beginning after re-feed (~0.2nmol). The strong emphasis Asprey places on chowing down those starchy carbs on the re-feed day really kills any chance you have of getting into let alone maintaining optimal ketogenic ranges (1.5nmol - 3nmol). 


    Really depends on your goal, but getting into optimal ketogenic ranges for the duration of the RFLP would yield some serious results... depending on how hard you are willing to go. 


    Or perhaps a milder version is on re-feed day and day after go really hard with the HIIT. 


    Also, don't listen to anything i have said I am not qualified to be giving anyone advice. Follow the protocol you will get results. Just some random thoughts I wanted to share. 

  • ACH85ACH85 ✭✭
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    Go easy on the starchy carbs for the re-feed. 




    That sounds dangerous. How do you plan to maintain a healthy metabolic rate and proper mucous production to maintain your gut lining without a high dose of carbs? 


    See step 4 of the RFLP here. You require a big dose of carbs to reset leptin levels. What is not said there is that going too low carb for too long will lower mucous production and give you leaky gut. Then you'll be allergic to butter, coffee, and refeed carbs. 


    For someone with a blood ketone monitor maybe, MAYBE consider going longer than 7 days without a refeed if it takes you 5 days to get into ketosis. But you need a lot of carbs when you refeed. 


    Also, Jim, awesome weight loss so far and good luck with RFLP. Looking forward to updates as you progress. 

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    The whole idea of increasing glycogen so you have to run it to ground again every week is a bit counterintuitive to me.  


    The drop in leptin and metabolism is just part of the keto induction phase .., the agitation, fatigue, brain fog etc.. it passes. One benefit of doing the starchy RFLP re-feed is that it prevents you from having to endure these side effects which is a underlying premise of the protocol (i.e., not to interrupt work/normal daily activities). BUT, if you can endure this secondary induction (lifestyle permits it etc) then you are going to experience next-level weight loss. RFLPx2.


    According to keto diet you will achieve balance leptin/meta once your body is Keto adjusted. 


    However as you allude to.., runs the risk of mucosal barrier degeneration/gastrointestinal cancer. Dry eyes, low saliva.., these are signs you need some glucose immediately. 


    ​I would propose this variation of RFLP to be used in scenarios such as during secondary plateau after achieving significant weight loss (100 lb. +) with still 50lb+ to go and need to see significant results to reinforce commitment. Use as a short-term booster to get you back in the game (i.e. 4-6 weeks). Then revert to RFLP with regular glycogen re-feed. 

  • By the way, on this variation I am discussing think of RFLP as a pathway to rapid ketosis once you are keto adjusted (1-2 weeks) - and hitting optimal ranges (1.5 - 3nmol) then play around with re-feeds every second or third day but all non-starchy vegetables. 


    Also for that first 1-2 weeks probably double l-glutathione supplementation above what DA recommends. 

  • Interesting thoughts JohnAppleseed. I see your logic there and will most certainly keep it in mind.


    For me personally I've been able to fall into ketosis fairly easily, so at this point I am most likely going to stick with the current 6/1 schedule but would of course not rule out adjusting that schedule to maximize the benefit if need be. While I do fall into the category of hitting that plateau after initial large weight loss and am looking to do this fairly quickly I'm not looking to push my luck here. 


    The idea of RFLP to me is more extreme and is being exercised with caution and obsessive measurements because the last thing i'm looking to do is have a 'shortcut' do more harm than good. Running a business and a raising a 6 month old right now, I have to make sure those items take priority so my level of risk aversion is high right now.  I can't afford to be putting my body into too much shock right now.


    That being said, here's my day one recap:


    Day one was easier than expected.  Having been drinking BPC every morning for a while it wasn't much of a stretch to just not eat dinner. Had one cup at 7, another at 2 to 'top me off' for the hours ahead. No adverse reactions so far, energy levels normal, mood normal.


    Weigh-in Day 2 April 16, 2014 06:00

    242.4 lbs


    Total Lost: 2.7lbs

    " All the effort you are making will ultimately pay off "

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    Sorry I hijacked your thread without even thinking about it. Please continue to share your progress. If you could please share in your posts quantity of butter, mct, etc. you are consuming per day in each BPC that would be great.

  • No worries John, I was hoping this thread would turn into a good reference point for people so the more info and discussion here the better!


    As of right now my morning cup is 4 scoops of fresh ground Upgraded Coffee, one capful of upgraded MCT oil, and about 3 tablespoons of Kerrygold unsalted butter.  Coffee is brewed in a french press, then I blend everything together and drink up!  The afternoon cup is roughly the same as of now.

    " All the effort you are making will ultimately pay off "

  • When would be the best time to have a high intesnsity workout after the carb refeed?  The reasoning would be to kick back into ketosis as soon as possible. 

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    Does anyone know if cycling on and off RFLP 3 days on 1 day off would yield similar results over a longer period of time? I would not do full carb refeed days. I would keep it at about 50 grams post workout. I would like to do this in order to get workouts in every 3 days. I'm trying to gain some mass and lose a little weight at the same time. Without engaging in the former more frequently than once a week, I don't see how that's possible.


    Should I just focus on cutting down to the weight I want to be at before I start weight training again? I'm only about 10 lbs up from where I think I want to be.

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    @NEZART: Maybe after, Dave has said maybe light exercise before refeeds. Either way be careful, truly high intensity could be too much. This is a fairly extreme diet. 


    @pmrtnz: I can tell you that at 50-60g carbs daily, hill sprints, and weights 2-3x a week, I burnt out from too low carb, and at least somewhat degraded my gut lining, symptoms were dry eyes, sinuses, plus I gained weight, puffed up, and got acne overnight. Everyone's different though. I'm of the opinion that when weight training for mass gain you should fuel your body with everything it needs and then some. 

  • pmrtnzpmrtnz Peter Martinez

    Thanks @ACH85. I'll make sure my refeed days are more glucose oriented because I did start feeling burnt out when working out on < 30 carbs a day as well.  

  • Andy BoskampAndy Boskamp Andy Boskamp

    Jim, are you doing anything in particular for stress management?


    In my experience, the most difficult part of going a day without solid food is the sort of ritual aspect of eating dinner. Hunger is not really a problem at all - rather, 5PM comes around and I just want to eat out of habit.


    I find meditation or HRV training to be really useful for mitigating any such anxiety.

    “The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.”


    - Marcus Aurelius

  • Andy, not eating actual food was a concern going in but thankfully I had a few things work in my favor. My family is away this week and I'm home working so I don't have to worry about the pressure of sitting down to a family meal, I can just do my own thing.  That was a big help in getting over the initial hurdle and my refeed day is Sunday which is when I'll see them again for Easter so timing worked out masterfully for me.  The temptation was there but last night but being busy with work and other things was helpful in taking my mind off it.


    I do take natural calm magnesium to help with stress.  Not so much the stress of not eating, just the general stress of everyday life.  After a recent physical showed I had 5% physical stress and 92% mental stress I figured it would be a good time to start figuring out how to tone that down a bit.


    Day 2 was pretty much like day one, feeling good all day, not hungry but was tempted to do some eating out of habit but that passed quickly. Energy was good, mood was good, overall a good day. This morning was off to a rough start though, woke up feeling flu like symptoms for sure but the charcoal has helped settle that down.


    Day 3 Weigh-in April 17,2014

    238.8 lbs


    Total lost: 6.3lbs

    " All the effort you are making will ultimately pay off "

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    Morning Y'all.


    Woke up about 3 am with some pretty terrible heartburn, not sure why - didn't eat or take anything different yesterday than the days prior, but half an hour of being upright resolved that and went back to bed just fine.  Also of note for my day 3 was that I didn't have a second cup of coffee in the afternoon.  After my first cup in the morning I never had an ounce of hunger so i figured i should listen to my body and not intake for no reason.


    The 'flu' wore off fairly quickly yesterday and the remainder of the day was feeling great. This morning there was a few minutes where I felt like i was going to hurl but thankfully it passed.  I'm thinking it's a result of downing my morning supplements on an empty stomach so i may have to experiment with that a bit. Anyone have any suggestions with that?  Having krill oil burps for an hour afterwards is very unpleasant.


    Day 4 Weigh-In April 18, 2014



    Total lost: 8.5 lbs

    " All the effort you are making will ultimately pay off "

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