Emwave2 Highest Coherance And Technique, Monitor In The Nose.

I've just been using the breathing monitor to pace my breathing, 10 seconds in 10 out.  The coherence graph scores me at a 4.5 tops with my average being around 2.2 and such.  I'm using easy mode, but I don't think that affects the coherence score, just the ranges for what is or isn't green.


Also, I've had a lot of trouble keeping a signal using my earlobe.  I swtching to clipping the sensor to my nose (half in half out) that seems to work a lot better. 


Anyhow, I've not been using the mental techniques at all, its just been breathing.  I wan't to get that down. 


My goal is to implement this during programing and BJJ.


If anyone has any advice, I'd love to hear it.


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