Seriously, Ingest Bad Tasting White Powder (Piracetam) From A Dark Plastic Tub?



I was really pumped to try Piracetam (all my supplements, diet and exercise are pretty bulletproofed already) so I do some research here and on Reddit, and then buy 500g from New Star Nootropics. This dark plastic tub shows up in the mail containing a crystalline white powder. I read the labels on the tub and it clearly says the contents are not for human consumption, presumably to cover New Star from some legal perspective. But the label gets me thinking "Do I REALLY know what's in here?". Sure there is a COA on their web site, but that doesn't mean what I have in a plastic tub that came in the mail is legit, or is the stuff that the COA pertains to. I don't care that it tastes like crap if I know it's not harming me, but a bad taste combined with my concerns about its precise contents have stopped me from taking it. Is there any insights or additional information anyone can add that will convince my rational mind that taking this is a good idea? I definitely want enhanced memory, neuro protection, blah blah but I need the courage to commit. Help!


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    I ordered Piracetam from a different online retailer last year. I had to do a lot of research to find a seller with a good reputation. I can't test this stuff at home, and for all I knew, they could've just filled the pouch with rat poison. The stuff certainly tastes foul enough!


    The first few times I took it, the taste was enough to make me wretch. It was miserable. I got used to it after the first couple days, though. Unfortunately, despite numerous tweaks, Piracetam did nothing for me, however. I guess I'm a non-responder. Unfortunate.


    I've never heard of New Star Nootropics, so I can't speak to the quality of their products. But I can say that Piracetam tastes absolutely horrendous. I reckon the "not fit for human consumption" is probably just a legal thing to cover their ass, but I can't say for certain. At this point, I would either look further into the reputability of the company, find a way to test the stuff or take it and cross your fingers that it doesn't hurt ya.

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  • New Star is a highly reputable vendor.  Piracetam tastes like shit - use capsules - there are a lot of threads on this.

  • You'll pay a bit more for capsules than powder, but it definitely will avoid that taste.


    Piracetam is relatively minor compared to pramiracetam! 

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    What were you expecting when ordering a powder I wonder? It's a white powder and if they want to fool you they can put any kind of label onto it. Not that they would, I think it's a reliable company.

    I bought mine at Peaknootropics or Bestnootropic (it's the same) and yeah it's bitter but I put it into warm BPC (when I drink BPC, when I drink plain black coffee I just skip it) and can't feel any of the bad taste. For me the worst tasting supp ever is still green tea powder.


    Now that I think of it it was one of the Steve Fowkes podcasts where he said, opposed to other bitter white powders, piracetam rinses, so if you drink some water after swallowing it the taste goes away, this may help you be more sure that it is piracetam indeed.

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    Someone needs to invent a "supplement condom" a digestible bag I can dump all the foul powders in and gag down... :)

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    For the tantiest nootropic taints -  don't be afraid to cap it!


    Someone needs to invent a "supplement condom" a digestible bag I can dump all the foul powders in and gag down... :)

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    Some supps are a pain to cap yourself, but Piracetam is easy to work with, and a ton cheaper than buying pre-capped.

  • Someone needs to invent a "supplement condom" a digestible bag I can dump all the foul powders in and gag down... :)



    Like one massive capsule, basically. Measure all the doses, put into the capsule and down it goes! :)

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    Piracetam has a foul foul taste, like most chemicals.. :P

    New Star is a very reputable company, I believe out of China...or Arizona. There is two large powder suppliers that have very very similar names, one being US based and the other Chinese. But they are both reliable from what I've read over at Longecity.

    If you don't like the taste, either get you some capsules (Vitamin Shoppe sells them for a pretty steep price) or order your noots already capsuled (I chose this as I don't mind spending a few dollars to save me a few hours). I can say that as @Reka had mentioned that coffee will easily mask most doses of Piracetam quite well, and I've found that smoothies can do it too depending on what you use as a base (coconut water, almond/dairy/rice milk, water, a juice variant) and what all you toss into the blender.

  • Wrap it in recycled organic toilet paper

    Put in back of throat.

    Pour water down throat.



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    LOL parachute it? Why not just get a capsule? Or mix it into a drink. It'll look less like doing molly that way LOL

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