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I'm 34, lean, fit, eating bulletproof, getting plenty of exercise, sleep and so on. I spend a significant amount of time typing & mouse clicking for work (writing design documents, cutting code, emails, creating diagrams, etc.) and for the last year or so the joints in my fingers have started to get a bit tender. Not debilitating, not even slowing me down, but I can see that if it got worse it would be a problem. I've bought a decent ergonomic soft keyboard which helped a little, but not enough. I've been to the doctor who sent me to and expert who said not to worry about it. But I think I will worry about it a little :) Since my hands are crucial to my income I think it's best to head off any problems early. So my question is, other than quitting my job and trying to reduce the amount of typing I do, what else can I do? Any supplements? Exercises? Thanks.



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    Ergo mouses, the type which doesn't force your hands to a horizontal position? Position the keyboard and mouse in a way that your wrists are not strained. Don't hover over keyboard. Keep your wrist straight when typing and mousing, use the mouse moving your arm like if you were ironing clothes, not by your wrist. Stand up and move around at least hourly, stretch your body first dynamic then static so your muscles are lenghtened and enough nutrients get into your hands.

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  • Plenty of people do a ton of typing with no issues


    Food Thoughts - Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil, MSM, DMSO, Curcumin, and Ben Greenfield's Joint Formula. If I had to start with just one I guess the Ancient Minerals. And obviously avoid the known bad guy foods ;-)



    Also I just had Dry Needling done on a joint injury and it helps................. a lot!

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