Testing On My Mum: Joint Pain

Hi Guys


My mum at the tender age of 64 is having a lot a of jont pain and even though her doctor is giving her a lot of drugs, I want to run some experiments with her diet. I'm not sure when to start thought.


So I though i would ask you guys.


Here is her stats:


BMI: BMI 24.5 top end of healthy weight

Joint pain has got to the point of advanced osteo arthrities on shouler (otherwise general joint pain).

Hot flushes throughout the night to that keep her up.


She is general fit with a relatively active lifestyle.

Mentally she is quite sharp.

Taken medication for hypertension for the last 30 years

Blood pressure is good.



Very little alchole, some wheat, fair amount of diary and sugar. Fair amount of veg.


The test:

This is where I was looking for some advice. I was hoping to track her, pain levels, mood and so on for say a coupel of weeks and to see if I can create some difference through diet and supplements. What woudl you guys test.


Thanks in advance.





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    I'd add some collagen powder (either BP or Great Lakes brand) once in the morning and again in the evening .....a heaping tablespoon.  Reduce the sugar even if it means substituting a little stevia or xylitol and some fruit.  I don't think going too low carb even for one day is the healthiest way to attain the ideal weight for women.  Remove all "liquid radiation" as in all liquid vegetable oils except for high end olive oil that isn't cut with Canola (even though it's not on the label doesn't mean anything).  Vitamin K2 would be first and foremost in my books.  Stop any and all calcium supplementation because most likely they are causing too much alkalinity leading to calcium leeching into soft tissue, thus pain.  D3 for sure. 

  • Actually her blood pressure is only "fake" good as long as she's on medication.  If she adds some sea salt on a daily basis and eliminates other salts completely she may be able to reduce her medication slowly.  Keeping the low GI carbs as her only carb selection this should help reduce her night sweats. 

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    Krill oil helps with joint pain too. Also ditch all gluten.

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    There are categorically two types of pain, nerve and inflammation / trauma based pains. Joint pain generally follows under then second category. Therefore anti-inflammatory agents like krill oil and curcumin are extremely helpful. Also taking joint health supplements like type 2 collagen can help as well. What blood pressure medications?

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  • Maybe your mom's pain has nothing to do with the knee itself. I have read studies that the upper low back nerves, the sacroiliac joint, the muscles, and the tendons can cause the pain that can be mistaken for a knee pain.

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