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I'm headed to a real shity part of the world for 6 months. No grocery stores, and I'll be eating with the indigenous personnel who's diet consists of rice and goat meat or rice and beef from emaciated cows. Vegetables are non existent.

I'm bringing a Stanley box full of supplements to get me through the six months. I can also have stuff mailed out, but nothing that requires refrigeration because it can take up to 4 weeks to get out there.

I'm looking to get the most bang for my buck in regards to micro nutrients along with calorically dense food to help me maintain weight and performance. On top of operational requirements I'll be doing a lot of crossfit.

I'm looking for any suggestions such as a multi vitamin, vegetable supplement fiber etc...

Here's what I'm packing so far..

Upgraded coffee beans

Brain octane fuel


Upgraded collagen protein

One world whey protein concentrate

Progenex hydrolyzed whey protein isolate (post workout recovery)

Vital greens

PurePharama-magnesium, D, and omega-3

Canned sardines and lots of them

Organic raw apple cider vinegar

Olive oil

Coconut oil

Raw honey

Rx bars

Open to suggestions and criticism, thanks!


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    Since it's been a day with no answer, I'll give my two cents. 


    - I was surprised to see Brain Octane instead of regular Upgraded MCT, until I saw coconut oil later. Fair enough, if you get added benefit from BOO. 

    - Seems like one of the few legitimate uses of a greens powder by a BP practitioner

    - If you'll be out in the sun a lot maybe go easy on the D? Don't know PurePharma, but so long as that's not a multi and you can modulate D intake, looks good

    - I doubt you can keep the olive oil from going rancid, since most olive oil is rancid by the time it's sold to you. I'd skip it unless you love it


    I'd add himalayan salt, and cacao powder just because it might be nice to have something luxurious occasionally and it won't spoil and is an antioxidant. 


    Is the ghee grass fed? If not (maybe even if so) I might look for a K2 that doesn't spoil. Not Life Extension Super K. For me that got pretty nasty, even in a cooler, while desert camping. 


    Even though they're not ideal, maybe some nuts just for fats and caloric density?

  • The Ghee is grass fed, I actually ordered 20 jars of the stuff Dave is getting ready to start selling online in the BP store.

    I will be bringing a K supplement along with C and I'm considering bring Fermented cod liver butter oil... I can probably keep it cool enough in my bag until I get there, and once there I will have a refrigerator.

    I think bringing nuts is a good idea to keep calories up.

    My concern now is Fiber, multi vitamin and some kind of probiotic...
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    I'm considering bring Fermented cod liver butter oil... I can probably keep it cool enough in my bag until I get there, and once there I will have a refrigerator.



    Something to consider if cost is at all an issue: I used to use the Green Pasture fermented cod liver / royal butter oil blend capsules. I switched to just their fermented cod liver oil for cost while adding supplemental K2 and didn't notice a difference. My belief is that if you're supplementing K2 and getting GF butter/ghee, the tiny amount of butter oil in the capsules (or even in a mixed jar) just shouldn't make a huge difference to anything other than your wallet. I'll take more cod liver oil for more retinol and less money instead. BTW when I did this switch, I was using the cod liver / butter as part of Tim Ferriss' testosterone protocol. I noticed a difference in libido when I started it, but when I switched to cod liver oil without the butter oil while adding supplemental K2, I did not notice a drop. 


    Can't offer help on fiber, other than that my research suggests you don't need as much as people say, and I'd look to John Brisson's info at fixyourgut.com for the multi and especially the probiotic.

  • I'll check that out, thanks.
  • I really like coconut butter. Its coconut meat with some oil. Tons of fat. 

    Its sometime called coconut mana. I keep a jar at work all the time. 

  • You could always buy a dehydrator and a quarter of a cow from the farm to make tons of grass fed jerky!  Will you have access to any sorts of nuts while over there?  There is always Spirulina powder as well.

    Kevin Dawson

    AT2(AW/SW) USN

  • No veggies? Yikes. What are you going to do about that? Sounds like everyone will be constipated. What about jarred olives, artichoke hearts, pickles?

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