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I was trying to transform my diet to Bulletproof and started to drink Bulletproof Cacao - using raw cacao in the recipe, instead of coffee - I don't feel good on too much caffeine.


At the beginning everything was good, I feel energized and happy every morning. But after 2 weeks everything started to go bad. I drank as usual my cacao with kerrygold butter and mct oil and after about 4 hours ate buckwheat/rice flour bread (right now I can't eat anything healthier at work).


My brain felt clogged, like I burnt all the fat and glycogen from previous day, but I couldn't get energy from bread. I felt like I had no brain at all, had problem to hear anyone else in the room, I couldn't think about anything for 2 hours and next hours were not much better.


What could possibly go wrong? Is this effect of fat-caused temporary insulin resistance?


When I come back home, I often eat soups with mct oil and butter and ice cream made of butter and mct oil. I eat quite a lot of healthy fats for months and nothing like this happened to me earlier.


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    I see gluten free bread, what else are you eating in terms of carbs and how many grams of carbs per day? Sounds like mega brain fog to me

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    Yeah, we need to know your whole diet, not just within an hour or two of your symptoms.


    At first glance I'm with Roxas, you didn't mention any usable sources of starch. No starch can make you crash like that. If you are still feeling crappy and haven't gotten good starch, cook a shit ton of white rice and eat it over a few meals. Shoot for >150g carbs in a day, make it 3 cups cooked white rice + a sweet potato.


    A lot of those "healthy" breads are designed to basically just be a low-calorie thing to put around sandwich ingredients and pass through you. You are not getting very much of anything useful from your bread. Do not avoid healthy carbs after work simply because you know you had unhealthy carbs at work. 

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    A big mistake people often make when converting to a BP diet is not ensuring they are keeping their major mineral levels up. Things like calcium and potassium are vital and it's very easy to drop well below the RDI on these with a BP diet. Pre BP most people are consuming lots of grain and dairy based products along with some fruits which although can have negative impacts on health do at least generally get you over the line calcium, potassium, etc wise. To the thread starter, a good start would be to take a look at your total daily intake of calcium and potassium from what you're eating and compare to the RDI... you may be surprised. 

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